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11 Ways to Beat the Heat During Hot Summer Months (Those Sweaty Sticky Nights, Yuck)

Not to worry! There are steps you can take to prevent (or at least minimize) those sticky steamy nights. And you can apply these same tools year-round if you’re someone who suffers from night sweats.

1. Wear Loose Clothing Made of Natural Fibers

woman lying down on the bed wearing Blissy white mulberry silk robe

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, we know that when we go outside during the summer months, we tend to shed layers that weigh us down. We also ditch synthetic and heavy fabrics, so why would it be any different when we go to sleep? Think about it, you spend 8+ hours lying in bed, that’s like a full day’s worth of sweat, eek! Dare to go au naturale if that’s your speed, but otherwise look for sleepwear that don’t cling.

We recommend the Blissy Classic Robe for the ultimate temperature-regulating, breezy outfit. Once you experience the outstanding feeling of silk upon your skin, you won't go back. Blissy Silk is a natural fiber quality-made for cozy cool nights and fashionably fabulous mornings.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine Before Bed

Not only can caffeine and alcohol disrupt sleep (think tossing and turning, with interrupted restless sleep), it can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn can increase your body temperature. This is especially lousy when combined with the heat and/or humidity of the summer months.

3. Consider Changing the Direction of Your Fan

A little-known tidbit about ceiling fans, that we were blown away to learn about from TikTok user, @bertoncin, is that the direction of your fan actually dictates which kind of air comes out! There should be a little switch on your fan that enables you to change the direction (that apparently we never noticed before??) Counterclockwise pushes air down which means that air rises up and away, while clockwise can push hot air upwards and circulate it.

4. Bring a Glass of Water to Bed

Many of you may be doing this hack and not even know it! Not only can a glass of water be hydrating and good for your overall health, but it can actually have a cooling effect. How does it do this? By staying hydrated, your body is able to better carry out regulatory functions, including temperature regulation.

5. Avoid Hot Beverages before Bed

woman smiling while holding a Blissy black mug with mulberry silk white and light marble pillowcases and taupe beauty band

Having hot beverages increases your internal temperature. Whenever you consume a beverage of this variety, your heart rate can actually increase. And as we know from any good workout, the more that your heart is pumping blood, the more likely you are to feel ‘hot’.

6. Take a Cool Shower or Bath

It’s intuitive that as we’re feeling the heat that we’d want to soak or submerge ourselves in the opposite. Which is why winding down with a cool bath or shower can be the way to go. Now, we’re not asking you to take it to the extreme by going full ice-bath (unless you’re a professional athlete in training, that is!) But trust us there are a ton of health benefits that come along with cold baths that go even just beyond that cool-down feeling.

Cold water can increase your circulation which can improve your immune system. Plus this ‘shock’ to the system can also help with weight loss, by boosting your metabolism. And perhaps most surprising, cool baths/showers can send ‘electrical currents’ which can simulate antidepressants to help fight depression! Did you know that Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder can come even in the summer? Sounds like a cool escape is in order?

7. Self-Massage With Coconut Oil

As you’re running back to back on your summer activities you’ll likely be pooped by the end of the day. Plus dehydration can actually be a source for sore muscles. You may be surprised to know that coconut oil actually has a cooling effect, that when absorbed by the skin, can create an overall feeling of ‘cool’. Knock out two-birds with one stone, by cooling off from the heat while also maxing out on these self care benefits.

8. Do-It-Yourself Peppermint Oil

Blissy lavender and eucalyptus sleep pillow mist on black silk backdrop

For a more creative solution to stay cool, consider this Pinterest-worthy hack. Involving peppermint and menthol essential oils, it acts by activating the dermis upon contact, leaving you with a goosebump-y sensation. Bound to help you fight the summer sweats.

9. Use Light-Blocking Curtains

Not only is this a great solution to those of you who may work the night shift, but it can be an awesome addition to anti-night sweat measures. As you sleep, the sun is bound to rise. And depending on the location of your window, you may experience an influx of sunlight, which can turn into waking up to a sticky morning.

10. Enjoy a ‘Cool’ Dinner

There’s a reason that summer is the season of gazpacho, salad, and picnic baskets filled to the brim with cold sandwiches. When it’s hot outside, we’re all more than eager to snack on things that have a crisp, refreshing taste. Not only are these seasonal treats yummy, but incorporating them into your mealtime before bed, can help stave off night sweats later in the evening. Stay away from foods that are spicy or piping hot, as this can encourage you to sweat even more!

11. Blissy, Blissy, Blissy!

Last, but not least. Wanna know the #1 way to combat sweltering heat at night? 

It’s as simple as switching out your pillowcase to premium grade mulberry silk! Did you know that silk is naturally thermoregulating? That’s right, as an organic material, it works with your internal systems, to keep you cool by eliminating heat when necessary, and at other times, enveloping you in a layer of warmth (for when the AC is maybe too much to handle.) Not only is silk the best option for elevating your sleep, but you’ll also be treating yourself to the luxury that YOU deserve. Feel like the king or queen of your domain.

Blissy black mulberry silk pillowcase and box

There are lots of different ways that you can incorporate cooling into your evening routine. But for the best quality of sleep, be sure to treat yourself with decadence.

Remember that it’s just as important to consider the physical aspects of sleep, as it is the mental ones. The mind-body connection is crucial to developing better sleep. And when you fill your sleep with little flourishes that make you feel just as important as you are, you’re guaranteed to have better sleep.

From our signature sleep masks to our effortlessly stylish silk scrunchies, there’s many ways to elevate your sleep.The best way to improve your sleep is treating yourself to silk, because you deserve it.

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