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9 Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls that Won't Make Them Roll Their Eyes
9 Birthday Gifts for Teenage Girls that Won't Make Them Roll Their Eyes

Uh oh, you need a gift for a teenage girl in your life...don't panic!

We totally get it. Shopping for a teenager is difficult. They're at that age where they think they know everything and they act like nothing's a big deal. Relax, we're here to help level up your gift-giving game.

9 Amazing Gift Ideas for Gen Z Teen Girls

1. Blissy Silver Dream Set

silver dream set gift

This is undeniably the ultimate Blissy starter pack. It's the perfect birthday gift and the gold standard when it comes to sleep accessories. We've included a bunch of good gift stuff: our pillowcase, sleep mask and scrunchies in 2 sizes—all made from our highest grade 100% mulberry silk in sparkling Silver. With the Dream Set, it’s really one and done, huh?

2. Blissy Marilyn Monroe™ Pillowcase

marilyn monroe gift for a teenage girl

Blissy's Marilyn Monroe™ collection honors and celebrates the life of one of Hollywood's most stunning and gorgeous legends. This is a great gift for the teen who spends hours watching makeup tutorials and is obsessed with anything beauty and glamor.

The collection's pillowcase is made of our signature 100% pure mulberry silk and comes in a beautiful, brilliant white with red detailing. It's ultra-soft and gentle on the skin, making it the perfect fabric to help preserve young skin during sleep. 

3. Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist (Lavender & Eucalyptus)

blissy pillow mist birthday gift for teenage girls

Now this is just what the doctor ordered! This little bottle is one of the best gifts for teenage girls. Let's encourage unplugging from screens and relaxing in bed with the mellow scents of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Basically a spa in a bottle.

Our petite bottle makes it easy to throw in a bag for a sleepover so she'll be able to take it anywhere. These make such cool birthday gifts for teenage girls when bundled with our pillowcases and sleep masks.

4. Blissy Pink Galaxy Pillowcase

blissy junior pink galaxy pillowcase

If she's obsessed with aesthetically pleasing pastel tones and bold cool designs, we think this would be the best gift for a teenage girl. She'll be able to create the perfect spot for rest and relaxation!

Teens are so picky when it comes to what they like but she won't be able to resist this pleasing magical galaxy pattern. She'll adore you for a pair of these pillowcases.

Pair the pillowcase with Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist for the ultimate good night's rest!

5. Blissy Pillowcase in Azure

gift for a teenage girl azure pillowcase

Looking for bold birthday gifts for teenage girls? Our silk pillowcases in Azure will bring the good vibes for sure. This brilliant shade of blue is one of the cool colors of the summer. It's so fun and will add a touch of spice to any room. 

Blissy's buttery soft pillowcases have received rave reviews from some of the most esteemed beauty publications. The pillowcase is hypoallergenic and can be used on all types of hair (especially thick hair). It's also great for skin since it's gentle and won't cause any irritation. 

Add a matching silk sleep mask as an added bonus to the most comfortable pair or pillowcases and you'll be appreciated forever. She'll be looking forward to drifting off to sleep all day long.

6. Blissy Sleep Mask in Coral

birthday gift silk sleep mask in coral

A sleep mask is a self-care essential and Coral is the fun, dopamine-fueling color of this summer. The boldness of Coral instantly improves a mood instantly. This eye mask is perfect for blocking out light and getting a good night's sleep.

We've designed our sleep masks with a comfy adjustable strap to fit around any head without snagging hair. It's another item for the sleepover bag—so cute! Who doesn't love getting presents that are both practical and adorable? So go ahead and add this to your cart, we know you won't regret it!

7. Blissy Scrunchies in Black

girl wearing black silk scrunchie

Our set of 3 soft silky scrunchies are must-haves for that teen in your life. They're the best hair ties because they're simple to style and they save locks from frizz and damage. Black is always a go-to so these will be a crowd pleaser.

We love how versatile a black scrunchie is. Elegant, fun, and so glamorous. They can be worn casually to school or dressed up for an evening out AND THEN can be worn to sleep! Amazing.

8. Blissy Sleep Mask in Tie-Dye

yellow tie dye sleep mask

Being able to shut off the world at any time is amazing. Night time can be anytime with this sleep mask made from the highest quality silk. It's sure to be a big hit!

Wearing a silk sleep mask is like having your own personal blackout curtains. You can wear them any time you want to take a nap or just relax in complete darkness. They help to reduce inflammation and prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

If you are looking for birthday gifts for teenage girls, look no further than a tie dye sleep mask! Made of 100% breathable silk, this mask will help her get the best night's sleep ever. Plus, it's super stylish. She'll love it!

9. Blissy Silk Oversized Scrunchie in Rose Gold

oversized silk scrunchie in rose gold

Now these are the perfect birthday gifts for teenage girls. The oversized scrunchie seems to be the favorite accessory of every TikTok star. It's definitely a must-have. This scrunchie is easy to style in several ways. Rose Gold is the new neutral that looks good with any outfit. We're sure all her friends will want one too.

The Blissy Oversized Scrunchie can be worn out around town, hanging at the house, and even to bed! 

A Teen Girl Birthday Gift She'll Love

The best birthday gifts for teenage girls are those that'll be beneficial to skin, hair, and sleep health. For teens with sensitive skin, we definitely recommend Blissy products along with natural makeup and skincare routine. Silk is the only breathable fabric with so many benefits.

Don't hold back when it comes to these presents! Blissy makes it easy to get a great gift for a teenage girl. She won't be rolling her eyes when she receives any of these items. Check out the links on this page to shop our high-quality 100% mulberry silk products.





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