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AM/PM Skin Care: Is Your Pillowcase Sabotaging Your Skincare Routine?
AM/PM Skin Care: Is Your Pillowcase Sabotaging Your Skincare Routine?

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You apply moisturizer and other products after cleansing as part of your morning skincare routine. For your nighttime routine, you use cleanser to remove your makeup, apply eye cream, and moisturize your skin again. There are many variations to this routine, like spot treatments, serum, or applying a thin layer of retinoid. Anyway, you do it, this AM/PM skincare routine should work wonders.

So why are you having problems with your skin?

Believe it or not, your pillowcase could be interfering with your morning and evening skincare routines. It really depends on the kind you have.

Got sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, or other skin issues? Check out the following to see if it's time to switch pillowcases for a healthy glow.

Is Cotton the Culprit?

woman sleeping on cotton pillowcase

If you have cotton pillowcases on your bed, this material might be affecting your skin. Cotton is highly absorbent. When it comes to skincare regimens, this isn't a good thing.

High absorbency means cotton pillowcases absorb all those skincare products you painstakingly apply during your evening skincare routine.

From eye creams to gentle cleanser and moisturizer, these products end up on your pillowcase instead of working their magic on your skin.

This means your skincare routine might largely be going to waste. Instead of healthy skin, you can end up with excess oil, acne, and other skin concerns.

Dry skin

Does your skin feel dry, or does it look flaky? Your cotton pillowcase isn't just stealing your skincare products. It's also robbing your skin of moisture as you sleep.

Your cotton pillowcase sucks that moisture up, leaving you with dry, dead skin cells. This can lead to irritated, itchy skin that's frustrating to deal with.

Acne and oily skin

specific concerns including dark spots and oil production

If you're treating acne as part of your nightly skincare routine, cotton can be a problem. Cotton pillowcases can absorb the products you use on acne-prone skin, increasing your risk of having breakouts.

These pillowcases also absorb dirt and face oils. Keep in mind that having clean pores helps lower your risk of acne.

Resting your face on an oily pillowcase means you're more likely to have acne thanks to clogged pores.

Sleep creases

You might think of cotton as a soft texture for your face. But, it's not the softest surface when it comes to pillowcases. In fact, it could be tugging on your skin while you sleep.

This can cause you to have sleep creases or wrinkles on your face when you wake up. Besides to looking unpleasant, these creases can make it harder to do your usual AM skincare routine.

Unhealthy hair

woman with unhealthy hair

It's not only your skin you have to worry about when you use cotton pillowcases. The same absorbent quality that affects your skin can also affect your hair.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can leave you with dry, damaged hair. Switching from cotton can help keep your hair and skin hydrated.

Allergy attacks

Cotton pillowcases trap dust and other debris. So you might spend your night sneezing and having other allergy symptoms. This can interfere with your sleep and cause you to wake up with dark circles under your eyes.

Switch to Silk for Your Skin's Sake

anti-ageing non-absorbent blissy pillowcase

Ditch the cotton pillowcases, and make the switch to Blissy Silk Pillowcases. These pillowcases are 100% silk, which offers many benefits for your skin and hair.

With silk pillowcases, you can count on your AM/PM skincare routine for healthier skin. Silk offers all the following benefits.

Silk is nonabsorbent

When you have silk pillowcases, you don't have to worry about losing your skincare products overnight. This natural material doesn't absorb night cream or other products as cotton does.

This allows the active ingredients in your skincare products to do their job, resulting in radiant skin.

Silk is soft and smooth

Silk won't pull or tug at your skin while you're asleep. Instead, this material provides a soft surface that your skin can slide on smoothly.

This helps lower your risk of having sleep wrinkles and creases. You'll wake up looking fresh-faced and ready for your morning cleanse.

Silk retains moisture

Silk offers a great way to keep your skin hydrated. Since it doesn't absorb moisture, you won't have to worry about waking up with dry, irritated skin. Even if you have a dry skin type, silk can help your skin stay moisturized.

Silk boosts hair health

Just as cotton can have negative effects on your skin and hair, silk can have positive effects on both. Blissy Silk Pillowcases help your hair retain moisture instead of drying out. Silk's soft texture also reduces hair breakage.

Make the Most of Silk and Your Skincare Routine

skincare product

Since Blissy Silk Pillowcases provide a healthy environment for your skin, make sure you're getting the most from this luxurious material. Use the best skincare routine before resting your head on your silk pillowcase for the night.

  • Choose skincare ingredients that stimulate collagen production for anti ageing effects, such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.
  • Use a gentle cleanser, eye cream, and other products instead of harsh ones that can irritate your skin.
  • If you wear makeup, thoroughly remove it to reduce the risk of breakouts.

Add Blissy Silk Pillowcases to Your Evening Routine

blissy silk pillowcase colors

With all of the benefits that silk pillowcases offer your skin, make the switch from cotton today. Try Blissy Silk Pillowcases, so you can experience these positive effects firsthand and get your beauty sleep. Check out our selection of silk pillowcases, made with pure mulberry silk.


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