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DreamWorks and Blissy Team Up for an Exclusive Trolls Band Together Collection!
DreamWorks and Blissy Team Up for an Exclusive Trolls Band Together Collection!

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Introducing Sister Power: Blissy's Pillowcase Collab with DreamWorks Trolls 

Following the popularity of our DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse collection in October, we are ready for our next DreamWorks design collab. Our first design in the Trolls collection features Poppy and Viva, the beloved characters from the new movie "Trolls Band Together." 

The Sister Power pillowcase is available now in sizes for the whole family, from toddler to king. Crafted from our signature 100% mulberry silk, these pillowcases will send you on a journey to the most blissful slumber.

little girl with blissy trolls sister power pillowcase

Blissy and Big Screen Magic: Uniting with NBC Universal’s DreamWorks and Illumination

In September, Blissy kicked off an amazing journey with NBC Universal, introducing the adorable Illumination Minions x Blissy Collection. Not long after, in October, we teamed up with DreamWorks for their hit Netflix series, Gabby's Dollhouse. The first design from this collab, Cakey Cat, has been nothing short of a sensation!

Now, as November rolls in, we're all buzzing with excitement for the release of "Trolls Band Together," the 3rd Trolls movie. And guess what? Blissy is right there with you, unveiling our newest treasure—the DreamWorks Trolls collection! Leading the pack is the vibrant Sister Power pillowcase design. This collection is all about blending your favorite animated characters with the luxurious comfort of our silk pillowcases, creating something truly special for Trolls fans of every age.

Your enthusiastic feedback on our animated collaborations has been amazing. It's clear we're doing more than just creating products; we're bringing beloved characters to life and enriching Blissy's identity. We're excited to continue blending comfort with pop culture magic, crafting memorable experiences for you.

little girl with trolls band together gift

Make the Trolls Collection Your Holiday Gift Choice

As you dive into your holiday shopping this season, keep an eye out for our special Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on the new DreamWorks Trolls collection. This launch isn't just about brightening up your home with the joy of Trolls—it's perfectly timed to help you find that delightful and unique gift. 

Whether you're shopping for a young fan or treating yourself to a touch of nostalgic fun, our Trolls collection is your go-to for adding extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations. Don’t miss out on making your festive season a little more magical with Blissy!

Blissy Trolls Pillowcase

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blissy trolls sister power pillowcase
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Blissy and Trolls: The Journey Continues

The DreamWorks Trolls x Blissy collection captures our commitment to blending fun with luxury. Each piece is a testament to our dedication to quality and creativity. As we collaborate with entertainment leaders like NBC Universal, we promise to continue to enrich your home with products that are both delightful and luxurious. 

Stay tuned for more enchanting designs in the Trolls collection, each crafted to bring a touch of DreamWorks' magic right into your bedroom. We've got a lineup of creations just waiting to be unveiled. 

To be the first to know about these exciting new releases, make sure to follow us on social media at @BlissyBrand. We promise you won’t want to miss what’s coming next – it's going to be a vibrant journey filled with surprises!

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