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How Can We Make This Mother’s Day Extra Special For Our Moms?

If your mom lives alone, or away from her kids it could be tough for her right now. Especially since she can’t leave the house and you can’t visit. But like I said, it doesn’t have to be all that bad. There are still so many things you can do!

For instance, you can have a Mother’s Day Dinner, hang out, or watch her favorite movie together. You can do all of this via video calls. But what about a gift? Sure, the usual flowers and chocolates might work, but what if you could get her something she could use and really benefit from?

Something that could help keep her healthy and keep her looking and feeling great.

mother kissing baby with white Blissy silk pillowcase and sleep mask mother's day special gift

That something is called the Blissy Silk Pillowcase and this is how it can help:

We usually spend at least 6 hours every night with our faces on our pillowcases. Whether we’re using cotton, bamboo, linen, whatever we’re using it’s making us sick and it’s damaging our hair and skin.

Almost all pillowcases absorb moisture. When you sleep at night, dead skin flakes off, sweat gets absorbed, oils from your skin and hair get absorbed, and any products or serums you put on before bed get absorbed as well. All of this builds up in your pillowcase and creates an absolute cesspool of harmful bacteria. This bacteria can make you sick, and damage your skin and hair. For instance your skin can develop blemishes, clogged pores, and become very oily. While your hair can become very dirty and greasy. This can all put significant stress on your immune system because your body has to fight off this harmful bacteria. 

Friction from pillowcases can also harm your hair and skin. Friction causes your hair to break, tangle, and fray, while it causes your face to become very irritated.

But the Blissy pillowcase doesn’t do any of this.

Blissy makes their pillowcases out of the highest quality silk available. Actually, it’s not only the highest quality, but it’s also the highest rated. This is important because the following benefits can only be achieved by using this high quality silk. Lower quality silks do not contain the properties required to provide these benefits.

Because Blissy’s silk won’t absorb moisture, all of those things mentioned earlier won’t build up in the pillowcase. The surface of the pillowcase will stay much cleaner so you can be better protected against sickness, and at the same time it’ll keep your skin and hair much healthier.

Allergens and dust mites can’t embed or attach themselves to the fabric either. This makes the pillowcase hypoallergenic so your immune system won’t have to fight off these intruders.

Because Blissy is so soft and smooth it doesn’t produce friction. It won’t tug or pull on your hair and skin while you sleep. You won’t get tangles, breakages, frays, or skin irritation. It won’t bunch up and become uncomfortable either. You’ll be able to sleep through the night and get an even better night’s sleep.

So you see, this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be “bad” at all. There’s still plenty you can do to show Mom you’re thinking about her, and there’s the Blissy Silk Pillowcase that you can send her to help keep her healthy and looking great while we all weather this storm.

And don’t forget these same things don’t just apply to our moms out there, they apply to all of us. We could all use a Blissy.

hands holding mother's day gift pillowcase box wrapped in Blissy silver silk

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