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How Important is a Silk Scrunchie for Sleeping and Hair Health?  
How Important is a Silk Scrunchie for Sleeping and Hair Health?  

Our hair takes damage when we sleep, and bad hair days follow. Blissy's 100% mulberry silk scrunchies help prevent frizziness and decrease the wear and tear of our hair.

Blissy Silk Scrunchies Work

Some of the best things come from nature. Mulberry silk is the best fiber on Earth. Blissy's luxurious scrunchie uses this material because it maintains the hair's soft texture and helps prevent annoying split ends.

woman with silk purple scrunchie

Mulberry Silk and You

Silk is naturally smooth, which is why Blissy uses 100% Mulberry Silk for the best silk pillowcases and silk hair scrunchies. The high-quality material does not tug and prevents breakage. It explains why a silk sleep scrunchie makes your hair healthy compared to regular hair ties.

Silk Scrunchie for Sleeping and Hair Care

Another thing our hair does when we sleep is dry out. Blissy's 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchies for sleeping don't leech natural oils from your hair. The high-quality fabric also won't leave creases or leave dents in your hair. These silk hair scrunchies keep your hair smooth in your ponytail or bun whether you have thick hair or finer hair.

When you pull your hair up and wrap it in a luxurious silk scrunchie before bed, you'll reduce friction caused by pressure points and tossing and turning. It also prevents frizziness because fewer of your hair strands are making contact with your pillow. Combine this with a Blissy Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and you'll be sure to prevent breakage and hair damage so you can grow out your hair long and strong.

skinny silk scrunchie

One of the fun things about Blissy's extra gentle Silk Scrunchies for sleeping is that they come in tons of styles, fashions, and colors for all hairstyles. If you like making a style statement with your hair accessories, a tie-dyed or shimmering rose gold Blissy Silk Scrunchie is the way to go.

Blissy Scrunchies

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Silk Hair Ties vs Silk Scrunchies

You should avoid elastic hair ties at all costs, and here is why.

  • Every time you use elastic hair ties, they're doing damage. The rubber, elastic, or plastic bands damage hair follicles and cut into the shaft of the hair, which leads to fraying.
  • All a regular elastic tie does is hold your hair in place. They don't have any other benefits.

Silk ties are better than normal hair ties, but they crease and dent hair when held up too long. And, it is not always easy to get them out of your hair.

woman using silk scrunchie for sleeping

Regular-sized scrunchies may not be ideal for people with finer hair as a sleep scrunchie. Blissy's 100% mulberry silk Skinny Scrunchies are comfortable, protect your hair from breakage, and are not much larger than an ordinary silk hair tie. You can get them in a 3-pack in your favorite color.

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Satin Scrunchies vs Silk Scrunchies

The significant difference between satin and silk scrunchies is that they are made from entirely different materials.

Blissy Silk Scrunchies are made with 100% mulberry silk. Although satin is a weave and not a fabric, other scrunchies marketed as "satin" are usually made from synthetic polyester. And while satin weave can be a cheap stylish alternative, it conveys no benefits for your hair and can even cause more kinks and breakage if you use them to hold your ponytail.

blissy pink tie-dye silk scrunchies

Silk is known for its beautiful luster and strength. Satin is known for its affordability (read: cheapness).

Silk and satin are easily confused because synthetic satin is made to imitate the shine of silk. And although they may look similar if you're standing a couple yards away, satin is nowhere near as soft as real silk. And when viewed up close, it does not have the same beauty as pure silk.

Cotton Scrunchies vs Silk Scrunchies

best silk scrunchie for hair

Cotton scrunchies are a no-no if you are trying to grow healthy hair. Part of the reason is that hidden inside is an elastic band that can harm your hair shaft.

Not all fabric is equal, and while cotton is fine for something things, it's not ideal for scrunchies because it saps moisture from the hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and dehydrated.

Don't let thread count fool you. It doesn't change the friction and damage a cotton scrunchie does to hair.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Blissy Scrunchies for Sleeping

  1. Blissy's mulberry silk scrunchies help promote hair health.
  2. Your bundled locks stay shiny and springy, which helps prevent dead ends.
  3. Silk scrunchies help prevent creaseswhich sure helps when you have to get up and go first thing in the morning.
  4. Blissy offers such a variety of styles and colors for all hair types that you don't even have to take your hair out of its ponytail or bun when you have to dash out.
  5. Tangles are painful and time-consuming. Pure silk scrunchies eliminate the threat of tangles and knots.
  6. Blissy luxurious silk scrunchies are gentle for any hair type. They hold thinner hair in place without being too tight and are strong enough to bundle thick, long hair.

How to Wash Silk Scrunchies

Blissy 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchies need to be hand-washed and laid out carefully to dry. If your washing machine has a hand-wash, delicate, or gentle cycle, you can machine wash them as well. It's best to secure them in a mesh wash bag first, however.

You should use shampoo, mild soap, or delicate detergent rather than regular detergent when you wash silk scrunchies.

rose gold and black scrunchie

The Best Silk Scrunchies for Hair by Blissy

The best silk scrunchies protect curly hair from morning frizz, unseemly dead ends, and avoidable damage to the most fragile hair. When used to secure hair at night, pure silk helps hair of all textures grow long and strong.

Blissy scrunchies come in skinny, regular, and oversized and 19 different color packs. Plus Blissy sells lots of other luxurious silk products that can help you sleep better, feel more beautiful, and make a fashion statement. Check us out!

How Important is a Silk Scrunchie for Sleeping and Hair Health?  —they're practical. For those with long hair, we understand just how valuable a silk scrunchie is." data-pin-id="632896553897424280" data-pin-url="https://blissy.com/blogs/the-blissy-blog/how-important-is-a-silk-scrunchie-for-sleeping-and-hair-health" data-pin-do="buttonPin" >

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