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Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts for Your Pops
Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts for Your Pops

Okay, Father's Day is 2 days away and you're wondering what are the best last minute Fathers Day gifts that are going to arrive on time! Silk might not be the thing you immediately think of when you think of dad's style, but hear us out. We think dad is going to absolutely love these gifts and here's why. 

First of all, these items will ship out same-day (for order placed before noon) or next-day, so they're going to arrive on time if you order now. And if there's one thing dad loves, it's a gift that arrives on time. 

And if you order them to send directly to dad's door step, they'll arrive in a beautiful box that looks like a gift box! So you don't have to worry about wrapping.

last minute fathers day gifts

Dads Are Tired of Same-Old Same-Old

We think dads out there are getting tired of all the same Father’s Day gifts every year—electric razors, shave cream, cologne, a t-shirt, and way too many socks. So if you want to stand apart from your siblings, we have the perfect last minute gifts for dad!

If your dad already has all the tech gadgets he can handle, and you need some fresh material to impress him on Father's Day, help your Pops get in touch with his softer side with some fine silk goods from Blissy.

What Are the Benefits of Blissy Pillowcases for a Busy Dad?

Let’s face it: many men might not think to buy themselves a silk pillowcase. But it’s actually the perfect gift for the dad who loves to sleep (and what dad doesn't love a good snooze?) 

Here’s why a Blissy gift is a great idea for the best dad.

It'll save his hair

Is dad waking up with less and less hair every year? While Blissy won't stop male pattern baldness, it'll help him make the most of the hair he has. A Blissy pillowcase has so many benefits for his hair! It stops breakage, giving his hair a fuller appearance. Dad may not admit it, but he takes pride in his hair. So show dad some love and help him care for his hair!

It's anti-aging

Many a guy likes to use skin creams and lotions on their faces before bedtime to combat aging. But cotton pillowcases tend to absorb those lotions as soon as his face hits the pillow. The Blissy silk pillowcase is non-absorbent while still being breathable, so creams and oils stay on his face so they can work their magic.

Blissy silk is also anti-aging itself, preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming. So for the dad who has a taste for skincare, Blissy is literally the best gift!

woman hugging father

More Reasons He'll Love Blissy Pillowcases

They'll ease his allergies

Dad can say ‘good night’ to sneezing, sniffling, and wheezing at night with a Blissy Silk Pillowcase. Our products were created to repel mold, bacteria, dust mites, and other nasty bedtime stuff that triggers his allergies.

Help him sleep better

Many fathers battle to get enough shut-eye. Men are especially prone to overheating, sweating, tossing, and turning at night. But his Blissy pillowcases will help him stay cool because of the 100% silk's temperature regulating qualities. He’ll sleep comfy and cool Blissy pillowcase. This will likely be his favorite part about his Blissy gift!

Why Blissy Makes the Best Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts

Same or next-day shipping

Blissy pillowcases also feature same-day shipping for orders before noon, so it’s the perfect last minute gift. Just make sure to double-check dad's address so it doesn't wind up at the wrong house!

Get 25% off with our pre-summer sale

Luckily, our summer sale is going on right now, so you'll get the best deals on all our Blissy products without spending the big bucks. Find him a little something at an affordable price point!

Colors that dad love

With Blissy's huge colors selection, there are tons of colors to choose from that are appropriate for dads. From our classic White pillowcase to our sophisticated Ash Blue pillowcase, we've got all the colors dad could want.

We've actually picked out our favorite colors that dad prefers. 

Blissy's Best Last-Minute Present for Dad

1. Blissy Pillowcase in Taupe

taupe pillowcase

Our Blissy Pillowcase in taupe makes one of the best last-minute father's day gifts. Many men love revel in neutrals, as they appear very masculine. So this is the perfect gift for the dad who is firmly masculine, but will also get excited about a soft, extra-comfy pillowcase when he lies down to rest each night. 

When he wakes up after a deep sleep in the morning, he’ll wonder how he ever lived without a silk pillowcase.

2. Blissy Pillowcase in Burgundy

burgundy pillowcase

Many say that the color burgundy indicates power and ambition, so it’s not a surprise that many dads like this hue. A hypoallergenic Blissy Pillowcase in this rich color is perfect for the dad who wants to sleep in style.

This item is handmade from the best 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk. He'll be the envy of his friends when they see he has kids who love him enough to care about his hair, skin, and sleep—all in one beautiful product.

3. Blissy Pillowcase in Bronze

bronze pillowcase

This handsome Blissy pillowcase is from our Bronze Collection. Pops will appreciate this attractive, machine-washable pillowcase. Many men like the color bronze because it historically reflects strength, earthiness, and maturity.

Others say bronze exudes growth, strength, and security. And of course, many fathers like darker colors, so we think he will appreciate this one!

4. Blissy Sleep Mask in Black

black sleep mask

Blissy has the best silk pillowcases, but your old man can also use a Blissy sleep mask made from the same quality silk to help him sleep.

Each Blissy silk sleep mask is exquisitely designed and is essential for dad’s sleeping routine. Our masks block all light, fit comfortably, and stay comfy overnight for dad. It is also fantastic for sleeping on airplanes and in the car, so he can catch a quick nap. With the sleep mask, he'll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

5. Blissy Sleep Mask in Blue

blue sleep mask

Many men like the color blue because it’s often considered traditional and conservative. Also, many say the color blue represents stability and reliability, which is what the best father figures are made of!

Fortunately, Blissy offers our sleep mask in this beautiful dark blue that dad is sure to love as he drifts off to blissful rest each night. He's going to love this sleep mask so much, he'll think it was dad's idea to get it all along!

Other Popular Blissy Colors for Men

Whether you want to get Pops a Blissy pillowcase or sleep mask, there are a whole bunch of attractive colors to choose from for dad. Here are some of our favorite masculine colors you can shop for.

  • Ash Blue
  • Emerald
  • Champagne
  • Gold
  • Grey
  • Olive
  • Silver
  • White

There are so many dad-appropriate Blissy colors to choose from, we think you’ll want to pick up a few for him! It's such a great gift, you might even purchase some for the whole family if dad ends up loving his.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have seen so many fantastic Father’s Day holiday gift ideas, you might wonder which is the best gift for that special family man in your life.

We recommend starting with a pair of soft Blissy pillowcases and one sleep mask in a matching color. There are so many colors to choose from, we're sure to have his favorite. 

Your Pops will love these thoughtful Blissy best gifts. Make sure to call him up on the phone if you can't be there in person to make it one of his better days.

After receiving a Blissy Pillowcase with the soft, cool, 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk on his big day, we think he’ll want an extra set in different colors soon! They're such a great idea for the best last minute fathers day gifts.


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