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National Sibling Day Gift Guide: Show Your Affection for Your Dear Sis
National Sibling Day Gift Guide: Show Your Affection for Your Dear Sis

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Siblings Day Foundation: Honoring Siblings Around the World

Sibling Appreciation Day, held on April 10th each year, is not an official national holiday (although it's recognized in some areas of the world besides the US and Canada).

But the Siblings Day Foundation has been working to raise awareness about the importance of honoring the love between brothers and sisters by establishing National Siblings Day as a federally-recognized US holiday.

Hey, Europe already has Brothers and Sisters Day, celebrated each year on May 31st. Plus, there's already Mother's Day and Father's Day, so...

Let's have a siblings day, too, and celebrate Sibling Day 2023!

But, don't let some "official" status stop you from celebrating your siblings, your best friends.

For National Siblings Day 2023, recognize your sisters by pampering them with luxurious silk gifts that have both amazing beauty and wellness benefits! From mulberry silk pillowcases that promote restful sleep to chic hair accessories and ultra-soft robes, Blissy has the perfect gift for every sister.

Honor the special bond you and your sisters have had in life since a young age with the following Blissy gift ideas that are made to pamper!

Celebrate all sibling relationships on National Siblings Day, including your sisters-in-law!

The Best Gifts to Honor Your Sisters on National Siblings Day

1) Blissy Classic Robe in Pink

silk robe gift for national siblings day

Sisters are some of the family members most involved in our lives. Celebrate your sister with our glamorous, flattering, 100% silk Classic Robe in Pink, a color perfect to commemorate sisterhood.

Elegantly crafted from high-quality, 32-momme mulberry silk, our robe glides over the skin for a luxurious experience. Plus, silk naturally helps regulate body temperature, so your sister can comfortably wear this gift all year!

2) Blissy Bonnet in Leopard

silk bonnet gift for national siblings day

If your sister has curly or natural texture hair, she will treasure this silk bonnet. Made from 100% mulberry silk, our bonnet naturally helps keep tresses moisturized, glossy, frizz-free, and gorgeous—and all she has to do is wear it while she sleeps at night!

Does your sister love all things leopard? She'll adore the other silk products in our new Leopard Collection!

3) Blissy Silk Pillowcase in Tiger

silk pillowcase gift for national siblings day

We spend countless hours sleeping, so it's important to make sure you're getting the most out of your pillowcase.

Treat your sister to our award-winning silk pillowcase, which, besides being super-glam and ultra-smooth, has some amazing wellness and beauty benefits:

  • She'll sleep sounder due to silk's natural thermoregulating and hypoallergenic properties
  • Her skin will thank you! Silk is non-irritating and great for sensitive skin.
  • Her hair will look as radiant as ever with less breakage and more shine

Choose our Tiger pillowcase for a refined take on the classic print, featuring black stripes on a rose gold background.

4) Blissy Sleep & Pillow Mist (Jasmine & Eucalyptus)

sleep & pillow mist gift for national siblings day

Show your sister how much you love her by helping her relax and unwind with aromatherapy.

This herbal and floral essential oil blend can be sprayed above her silk pillowcase to create a soothing atmosphere each night before bed—or any other time she wants a fragrant and calming escape.

5) Blissy Sleep Mask in Orange Ombre

silk sleep mask gift for international siblings day

Your sister will sleep pampered each night while wearing our high-quality, 22-momme mulberry silk sleep mask that works wonders for the skin.

Silk helps retain moisture and can even help lessen the appearance of new lines as we age, making this a gift that all adults will want! Plus, the silk band won't pull or snag her beautiful locks.

If your sis loves sunsets, then Orange Ombre with warm, bold hues is the perfect choice for her.

6) Blissy Head Piece in Black

silk hair accessory gift for national siblings day

As a treat on Sibling Appreciation Day, sisters who love makeup and/or who have a classic, refined style will fancy our elegant Blissy Head Pieces.

These silk headbands offer a chic way to both protect your hair and keep it away from your face while applying makeup and more.

Plus, black adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit and is sure to complement many of the clothes already in your sister's closet!

7) Blissy Skinny Scrunchies Set in Yellow Tie-Dye

silk skinny scrunchies gift set for national siblings day

These deluxe silk scrunchies will bring you back to your siblings' early age with their fun (and perfect for spring) Yellow Tie-Dye pattern! Plus, they come in a set of three, making it easier for you all to match.

Better yet, wearing silk in your hair will help protect your locks all day and night.

Celebrate Sisters Day This April

Show how much you love and care for your sisters on Sibling Day 2023 with these fantastic Blissy silk gifts, which are not only cute and stylish but will also better their well-being.

Looking for even more reasons to pamper your siblings (and yourself)? National Splurge Day is coming up—as if you really need an explanation to treat yourself!


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