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Silk Care & Sustainability: How to Care for Silk the Eco-Friendly Way
Silk Care & Sustainability: How to Care for Silk the Eco-Friendly Way

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Silk is not only an organic and sustainable product. The production of mulberry silk is positively linked to reducing carbon footprint, as trees play a vital role in the process.

Caring for Silk the Eco-friendly Way

Many eco-minded folks know that washing in cold water is environmentally friendly. But when it comes to the care of silk, there are even more benefits for the environment. Washing delicates requires less harsh detergents and gentler detergents are even more eco-friendly.

Using plant-based products cuts down on other environmental hazards associated with chemical processing. The best solution for keeping your silk items clean and fresh is plant-based Blissy Wash Luxury Delicate Detergent.

What About Machine Washing a Silk Garment?

machine washed in a mesh bag

You can wash your Blissy silk pillowcase in the washing machine using the silk setting or the delicate cycle designed for silk fabrics. Silk is made of a strong fiber but is a very delicate fabric to care for when considering the maintenance of its luster.

But it's too complicated or much of a hassle. Follow the care instructions on the label when washing silk clothing. You will often need to dry clean or hand wash silk. But with Blissy pillowcases, machine washing is no problem.

When machine washing Blissy products, use a mesh bag, cold water, and a gentle detergent. But we can't stress enough importance of checking your labels when it comes to silk clothing. If it calls for dry cleaning, do not try to wash it at home.

How to Care for Silk Material in General

how to care for silk clothing

Some people are intimidated by how to care for silk clothing and other items, and as a result, don't buy them. This is unfortunate, as they are missing out on one of the great luxuries of life! But there is nothing to fear. Just keep in mind a few simple guidelines.

Silk is strong, but washing silk in a gentle detergent is critical for silk care. Products that are too acidic or alkaline can cause the fabric to harden and lose shine. Be careful with wet silk. Never wring it or scrub hard on it.

Use a light touch when you wash silk garments. You might find it best to hand wash delicate fabric—but you can always use the delicate cycle of the washing machine for Blissy pillowcases.

Here are a few other factors to remember when caring for silk.

  • Use cold water
  • Never use chlorine bleach
  • Wash colors separately
  • Wash silk fabrics separate from other fabrics
  • Never use fabric softeners
  • Use a neutral detergent with proper pH
  • Use detergent formulated for silk, like Blissy Wash
  • Do not use an enzyme or protein-based detergent

Do I Have to Hand Wash Silk?

silk clothes being hand washed

The answer, when it comes to Blissy Silk Pillowcases is no. You can wash Blissy pillowcases and other Blissy products—such as loungewear, hair accessories, and sleeps masks—in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.

Be sure to wash your silk items in a mesh bag, so that they don't get snagged.

Is Washing Silk More Eco-Friendly?

Adhering to the fabric care instructions for washing silk pillowcases and garments is a way to safeguard the environment. Namely, washing in water that's the right temperature.

tumble dryer and washer in laundry room

To preserve the shine of silk, it's important to wash it in cool water. This reduces emissions from energy production, as cold water doesn't require energy to heat it like warm water.

Blissy affords you the ease of machine washing using the gentle wash cycle. But you might find it more convenient at times to wash by hand. And hand washing is an even more eco-friendly method. That's because it involves only a small amount of water, detergent, and elbow grease. When you hand wash, you save the energy that a machine wash would use to run a cycle.

Is Hand Washing More Eco-friendly?

Washing silk clothing, such as Blissy or other silk items, in a washing machine will consume more energy. Even when using cold water, it takes electricity to run the machine. If you don't have a full load, it might be better for the environment to find a nice clean tub to gently wash your items with a gentle silk wash.

Choosing the Best Gentle Detergent

delicate silk wash

When you wash silk, whether you hand wash or use the washing machine, always use a gentle detergent. Enzymes and harsh chemicals in regular detergents can damage silk.

Even many detergents designed for delicate fabrics, such as wool, may not be best for silk. Look for products designed for silk items and that are properly pH balanced. You can count on Blissy Wash Luxury Delicate Detergent to be formulated specifically for your silk washing needs.

How to Deal With Stains on Your Silk Garments

how to treat stains and remove stains

Removing stains from silk may be simpler than expected. And using the most effective methods of caring for silk also benefits the environment.

The first step to try for removing stains in silk is cold water. Dip, dab, and rinse, using a light touch on the fabric. When washing or treating stains on silk, be mindful to avoid heat and use gentle techniques.

Never scrub hard at a stain on silk. It is better to blot with a clean cloth. Pretreat it with a few drops of a gentle detergent such as Blissy Wash for about 15 minutes before washing. You might also try rinsing with distilled white vinegar.

Remember to never wring out your silk. Always be gentle.

Should You Take Silk to the Dry Cleaners?

Dry cleaners are large expenders of energy. They can also be bad for the environment when it comes to the use of harsh chemicals. Check your silk fabric care label. If it states to dry clean only, follow it well. And choose a dry cleaner that uses eco-friendly methods.

But dry cleaning is not required for all silk. And it is never required for Blissy products. To reduce environmental impact, try to avoid unnecessary trips to the dry cleaners. Opt for hand washing or using the washing machine on the delicate cycle when cleaning silk at home.

How to Dry Silk

lay flat to dry

Here are a few things to consider when it comes time to dry:

  • Never wring out silk after washing
  • Blot silk with a white cloth or a white cotton towel
  • Never dry silk in direct sunlight
  • Avoid a drying rack that may leech stain or dye onto silk
  • Lay silk flat to dry
  • If you choose to tumble dry, don't use heat (air only)

Should You Iron Silk?

iron on very low heat

If you must iron silk, use very low or no heat. Some irons have a silk setting which you can use. But it's actually best to avoid ironing silk. Here are a few of the best methods for addressing wrinkles in your silk before they happen, so you can keep that iron unplugged:

  • Never overload a washer
  • Air-dry your silk materials
  • Hang silk to dry and straighten out on its own
  • Using your silk product will lead to smoothing
  • Use a steamer to tackle wrinkles
  • Flatten silk under heavy books

Caring for Silk Is Easy With a Little Care!

woman hugging silk pillow

When you think of silk care, you might wrongfully assume its production and care will be harder on the environment, but the opposite is true.

A Blissy pillowcase not only offers a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience for your skin and hair, but it is also environmentally conscious in its production and care.

So order your Blissy pillowcase and sleep easy!


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