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The Blissy Experience Podcast: A Deeper Dive With Model/Yogi Jessica Greene
The Blissy Experience Podcast: A Deeper Dive With Model/Yogi Jessica Greene

We're back with model, yogi, and wellness advocate Jessica Greene, who did us the honor of being the first official guest on Episode 1 of Blissy’s new podcast, The Blissy Experience! If you didn’t get a chance to check out Episode 1, click here for a recap, plus info on where to listen. 

In this follow-up post, Jessica goes deeper on the pathways to balance and joy through nourishing routines, community, dance, gratitude practices, and more. Follow Jessica on Instagram @jessica.lelia and check out her weekly show Root to Rise (Live every Wednesday 3:30-4pm PT).

Read on for her wisdom on embracing wellness in a way that uplifts your whole being.

jessica greene yoga poses

Skin Benefits of Blissy Pillowcases 

Q: You mentioned that Blissy pillowcases have helped ease frizz for your hair. Have you noticed any long-term benefits of using Blissy pillowcases regarding improvements in your skin?

Jessica: I have noticed I’m less prone to breaking out when I sleep on a silk pillowcase and I never wake up with sleep lines on my face! 

Navigating Beauty Routines in New Climates

Q: For those who’ve recently moved to a different region, what signs should they look out for in their skin and hair that might suggest a need for adjustments in their beauty routines due to the new environment?

Jessica: Dryness is usually the main change when you move to a different climate. I remember when I first moved from Boston to Los Angeles my hair and skin took almost a year to adjust. On the plus side my hair was less frizzy due to the limited humidity but my skin was so dry. 

I love using rosemary or coconut oil in my hair as an overnight hydrating treatment and drinking a lot of water to help your skin adjust. Hydration really comes from the inside out!

Dietary Impact: Nourishing Body and Soul

Q: You spoke about enjoying meals with community and how it nourishes you. Could you delve into how your diet impacts your hair, skin, and overall well-being?

Jessica: I would say diet is essential to looking and feeling your best. It is what is going to give you the energy to exercise, and repair and rebuild your muscles after. When it comes to beauty, eating non processed foods really can do wonders for your skin. 

I was vegan for 10 years and then after being diagnosed with celiac started eating fish and eggs again. However, I still stick to a diet of plant-based, whole foods. I try not to eat anything processed or fried because that's how I feel my best. 

The moral of my story is find what works for you. But no matter your diet, eating whole foods that are minimally processed is always the key to a better overall-well being.

jessica drinking a smoothie

The Aesthetic of Wellness

Q: How can the way a room looks and feels, and the colors we use, help create a peaceful sleep space and boost our mental well-being?

Jessica: Designing your bedroom specifically for sleep really will help you get a better night's sleep. When you are in a zen space, your mind knows it is time to relax. Don’t do work on your laptop from your bed, have a separate space for that. I like to keep my bedroom in neutral tones and have candles with relaxing scents.

Dance as a Gateway to Mental Freedom

Q: How does embracing physical expression, like dance, contribute to your mental health, and have you found any dance forms particularly liberating?

Jessica: Dance and yoga is a time for me to get out of my head and into my body. I feel completely free from my thoughts and connected to my movement and breath. It is a chance for me to just be present with myself. I love all forms of dancing! Growing up I was mostly training in ballet and now I love trying a new dance class or just dancing with friends on a night out!

Embracing Playfulness with Joyful Practices

Q: Can you suggest some movement or yoga practices that can help our readers reconnect with their childlike selves and find joy in movement?

Jessica: Vinyasa, a style of yoga that is about connecting the breath to the movement, is what I practice now. To me it's like a dance, flowing movements guided by breath. I think this is a great way to tap into that freedom of childlike movement. It's a way to be playful, creative, and expressive with our bodies. 

Something that, as kids, we are not afraid of and then we hit an age where that becomes harder. In the end, it’s about getting over any insecurities in your mind and letting your body be free to move.

jessica greene quote

Gratitude and Breath for Restful Evenings

Q: Do you incorporate meditations for sleep into your nightly routine? What meditative practices would you suggest for our readers that may help them achieve more restful sleep? 

Jessica: I like to do a gratitude meditation and box breathing before I sleep. I think of 3 things that happened that day I am grateful for and 3 things I am looking forward to. Then I start to breathe slowly: 4 counts to inhale through the nose, hold for 2 counts at the top, exhale slowly through the nose for 4 counts, and hold 2 counts on empty. Repeat until your body feels at ease.

Embracing Holistic Wellness for Vibrant Living

Q: Finally, do you have any additional advice or tips for our readers at Blissy blog, especially those who are trying to integrate wellness more holistically into their lifestyles for better hair, skin, and sleep?

Jessica: There is so much advice and so many beneficial practices out there. Wellness should be something you enjoy and look forward to incorporating in your life, or it won’t stick. For me my essentials are plant-based eating, yoga, meditation, and sleep. And that might be different for someone else! 

Try a variety of practices and take note of what makes you feel the happiest and your best. Then do more of THAT.

Continue Your Wellness Journey

Jessica's holistic wisdom provides so many valuable insights for living with greater balance, joy, and wellness—we thank you, Jessica! As she notes, we each need to find what works best for our own mind-body connection. We hope you're inspired to embrace some new practices and rituals after reading Jessica's advice.

If you want to experience Jessica's teachings in person, check out her upcoming yoga retreat in the Azores, Portugal for 5 nights/6 days of yoga, adventure and more. Rejuvenate your body and mind! 

Subscribe on YouTube at @BlissyBrand or follow us on your preferred podcast platform so you don't miss a beat! 


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