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The Lowdown on Silk + Acne
young woman looking at her pimples on the mirror

The Root Causes of Acne

Skin can be a bit of an oxymoron: dry, but also acne prone? What gives? The run-down you may have received from Mom may have simply amounted to ‘wash your face silly.'

And so you may only come to associate acne with dirt and grime, which is a common misconception. Oil and other impurities can sit on the skin and hair throughout the day, leading to clogged pores and the occasional blemish. Especially for the nights when you skip your hair wash, it makes a difference when you keep your hair in check. We recommend using Blissy Beauty Bands to keep your locks tucked in place.

hands holding Blissy beauty bands in all four colors

But the causes of more severe or chronic acne have nothing to do with simple hygiene and are often more tricky to spot.

In adolescence, severe acne flare ups are no stranger because puberty is a time of many hormonal changes. However, hormone changes continue throughout our lives. Be it from PMS, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

Emotional stress is also a huge trigger. Have you ever been nervous before a big event and just days before noticed a big honking pimple? The worst.

Of course we also have to be aware of ‘acne mechanica’, which occurs when there is friction or irritation to the skin brought on by surfaces your skin comes into contact with. Think sweaty gym clothes or that headband you wear all the time. You might be surprised to know that your humble pillowcase that you trust to take you to slumberland may be the worst culprit!

The Acne-Fighting Benefits of 100% Mulberry Silk

Deciding what fabric to lay your head on is important when combating acne. You should only consider natural fabrics as they are more likely to let the skin breathe, and luckily our silk fits the bill.

smiling blonde woman hugging Blissy pink pillowcase

Blissy pillowcases are made of 100% pure mulberry silk, which is the highest quality silk you can buy.

Silk is hypoallergenic which means that it’s less likely to cause irritation or an adverse reaction to your skin. Studies show that the raw fibers that make up silk have potential antibacterial properties. Plus its non-absorbent surface means that moisture and oil aren’t bound to soak through.

This is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin because the last thing you want is your nightly skincare efforts to be in vain. The ability of silk to maintain your skin’s moisture is effective at combating acne because it doesn’t dry it out. Often our skin overproduces sebum if it senses an imbalance and having a healthy layer of moisture ensures that your skin stays nourished while also oil free.

As mentioned before, there is often a mind-body connection when it comes to acne, especially when it comes to sleep. Poor sleep can cause heightened levels of stress, and as the pattern of poor sleep continues, you might notice more and more blemishes.

That’s why creating an inviting environment for sleep is crucial to getting a good night’s rest! Not only will including the rich glam of our Blissy silk pillowcase and accessories give you that special pampered feeling, but it will also help you wind down.

woman feeling the smoothness of a blissy rose gold silk pillowcase on her face ft. skin benefits

Experience the quality difference with Blissy. Your shut-eye and skin care game will thank you.

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