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This Anti-Aging Eye Mask for Sleep is Literally the Cutest

More and more people are realizing that wearing a high-quality light-blocking eye mask to bed is crucial for sleep and beauty. Find out why people are turning to eye masks as part of their long-term health and anti-aging strategy.

Any time of the day when you want to shut off the world for a few minutes and get the best sleep of your life is the perfect time to pull out your Blissy silk sleep mask. As an anti-aging eye mask, it’s literally the cutest one you can buy. It's made of the finest 100% mulberry silk and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns.

emerald green silk eye mask and pillowcase

Let’s look at some of the reasons the Blissy mask should be one of the top beauty products in your arsenal.

There Are So Many Reasons to Wear a Silk Eye Mask for Sleep!

1. It Blocks Out Light for Improved Sleep Quality

The main reason you would want to wear an eye mask is that it will block out all of the extra light in your room while you're sleeping. If you rely solely on blackout curtains to block light from your roomit's probably not enough.

Aside from light coming in from your windows, digital clock faces, smartphones, and the glow from the television can also be sources of light that interfere with sleep. Say your partner likes to watch a TV show before going to bed, but it normally keeps you awake. Just pop in some earplugs, place a mask over your eyes and get ready for the most peaceful snooze of your life.

woman blocking light with sleep mask

2. A Sleep Mask is Cooling On Your Face

Since it’s made of super soft 100% mulberry silk, the sleep mask is going to feel cool and soothing on your face. Being cooler at night is naturally going to help you sleep better. The less hot and sweaty you get at night, the more deeply you’ll sleep. Because being hot can interfere with the quality of sleep you get.

Imagine waking up without tired eyes in the morning. That means less puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.

pink tie-dye silk anti-aging sleep mask

3. It Has Anti-Aging Skincare Benefits

The skin on your face, especially around your eyelids, is very delicate. It’s the area that is most likely going to experience the first signs of aging in the form of crow’s feet and sagging.

Using a silk eye mask is going to improve skin texture by preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by smoothing the skin around the eyes and preventing creases from forming each night. Plus it reduces friction and stress around the eye area.

woman sleeping with anti aging sleep mask

4. It's Ultra Hydrating for Skin

Silk also has moisture-retaining qualities that help keep the appearance of your skin smooth. You’ll be amazed at how much more hydrated your eye area feels and how the fibers work to improve skin texture.

This is because silk has a tight weave that locks in moisture. It doesn’t suck moisture from your skin cells like cotton does. It also doesn't absorb the active ingredients from your expensive skin care products off your skin like cotton.

Retaining moisture and skin care products in the eye area will naturally prevent premature aging around the eyes. Fewer lines and wrinkles just by using a silk sleep mask? Yes, please!

woman hydrating with sleep mask

4. A Fancy Way to Sleep

You’ll feel elegant and beautiful while simultaneously feeling comfy when you sleep wearing a silk sleep mask. It comes in so many colors that you may just want to splurge and have a few different sleep masks around. Just check out these gorgeous eye masks in Lavender, Ash Blue, or Champagne. With 31 color and pattern options to pick from, you’re bound to fall in love with the many different eye masks Blissy carries.

Blissy silk eye masks for sleep

Why Blissy Is the Best Choice for Sleep Masks

As far as an eye mask for sleep goes, Blissy makes the best sleep mask. Not only if you want to block light to experience better sleep, but here are a few more reasons why Blissy makes a great sleep mask.

It's Extra Comfy

The plush and cushioned material that the anti aging eye mask is made of feels ultra-luxurious on your face. Especially around your nose and ears. Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, this contoured sleep mask is the utmost in comfort.

It Has the Most Comfortable Elastic Band

The elastic band is designed to fit every head size. The pressure is just enough to keep it in place--it will never dig into your scalp or around your ears like other masks.

rose gold silk sleep mask

The Strap Is Gentle on Your Hair

The entire mask is made of the same pure silk material that won’t tug or pull on your hair. It doesn't create any hair-damaging friction or bend your hair out of shape like other masks canespecially ones with a velcro strap.

It's Machine Washable

The eye mask is easy to wash. Just make sure you use a Mesh Wash Bag to protect it while washing on a gentle or delicate cycle. You can also easily hand wash it.

Ready to Experience the Benefits?

So are you ready to experience all the perks of wearing an anti aging light-blocking mask for sleep to bed and beyond? We must warn you though—once you start sleeping with a Blissy sleep mask, you'll never want to stop!

sleep better with a sleep mask

With daily use, you will be on your way to having the best quality sleep of your life. An eye mask is really a small and easy way to invest in your health! Plus you'll be experiencing anti-aging benefits long-term. Beauty experts and dermatology experts have known for years that sleep masks are important, and now you do too.

This Anti-Aging Eye Mask for Sleep is Literally the Cutest

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