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This Pink Silk Robe Is the Most Luscious of Silk Bridesmaid Robes
This Pink Silk Robe Is the Most Luscious of Silk Bridesmaid Robes

The Perfect Getting-Ready Robe

Silk bridesmaid robes have become a staple for bridal parties, making them the perfect gift to treat your girlies. This ultra-soft pink silk robe will surely make your bridesmaids feel pampered and luxurious while helping prepare for your big day.

These Blissy silk bridesmaid robes are worth the splurge. Show your bridesmaids you appreciate all of the endless support and inspiration they’ve given you during your wedding planning process with a gift that will make them feel as beautiful as they are!

woman wearing pink silk robe

You can check bridesmaid gifts off your to-do list with these high-quality classic pink silk robes.

The Best Gift for Your Bridal Party

Your Bridesmaids Deserve It!

You and your bridesmaids have been planning everything, down to what would happen if it rains. Let these special women know you care with an elegant gift they can surely use again and again.

These luxury silk robes will make your favorite girls feel rich and elegant. They can wear them for your bachelorette getaway, as well as on the day of the wedding while getting their hair and makeup done.

The Color Everyone Loves

This subtle shade of pale pink is universally loved by all, and brides can coordinate by getting a white one for themselves. Blush pink is one of the top shades for a romantic occasion like a wedding. And the fit is chic, stylish, and flattering for all shapes and sizes. Click here to view our selection of other colors to match your wedding theme.

giving bridesmaid a silk robe gift

Not Your Average Robe

You’ll have amazing photos wearing your matching getting-ready robes that you'll love to look back on. This is not your cheap, chintzy robe from David's Bridal Shop that will get thrown in the back of the closet and forgotten about.

Although silk bridesmaid robes are on trend right now with everything from lace to personalization, Blissy's high-quality silk robes are always a classic. Even after your wedding, your bridesmaids can have the robe as a wonderful keepsake they’ll treasure for years to come.

Benefits of Blissy Silk Bridal Party Robes

A Cut Above the Rest

Your bridal party is sure to enjoy this pink silk robe. Blissy prides itself on using the highest quality silk for all of its products. This classic robe is made of dual-sided thick 35-momme 100% silk.

woman wearing blissy pink silk robe

Amazing for Skin

The Blissy silk robe provides benefits for your skin, keeping it hydrated and free of dirt and allergens. Our silk hydrates your skin by helping it retain moisture. It is naturally hypoallergenic, repels dust mites, dirt, and other skin-irritating allergens.

Perfect for a Summer or Winter Wedding

This pink silk robe is lightweight, breathable, and temperature regulating to soothe your skin and keep you cool in the summer or warm in the winter. So it's perfect for a summer or winter wedding (and every season in between). Stay fresh no matter the season!

Blissy silk is the perfect material to wear on your skin and treat yourself and your girls on your special wedding day. Whether you're getting ready for the wedding ceremony or changing for the reception, your ladies-in-waiting will adore these silk robes.

Love It for More Than Just a Day

Top quality real silk is a long-term investment—it’s all about quality and longevity. Blissy brand silk is known for being reliable and has been used and loved by supermodels, hairstylists, beauty experts, dermatologists—and now brides!

bride with bridesmaids

Fit and Quality

This pink silk robe fits like an absolute dream. It's designed to flatter any size or shape and keep you comfortable throughout the morning or evening. This classic knee-length style is one everyone will love. It’s easy to throw on while you’re getting ready at the wedding site.

Tapered Long Sleeve

It features a long sleeve that is slightly fitted, but tapers out into a graceful bell-shaped opening that doesn’t fall down when you raise your arms to do your hair and makeup (unlike a kimono style). The lightweight silk allows the robe to move naturally with you as you go about getting ready.

Waistline and Tie Closure

It has a silk tie to cinch the robe at the waistline for a delicate, feminine silhouette that hits at just the right length. It also features two lined pockets to cradle your hands or even hold your phone so that your hands can remain free to do what’s important. The Blissy robe is the perfect garment to wear while you hustle and bustle to prepare for that special moment.


Its elegant V-neckline and front closure allow you ease and convenience while getting ready. The low neck is perfect for bridal makeup that is often taken down your neck and chest. Whether you are doing your own makeup or getting pampered by a professional stylist, you'll appreciate wearing something that won’t be in the way of the artist.

With this robe, you don’t have to worry about getting makeup on your clothes when you change. Simply untie the robe from the front, maintaining your hairstyle and makeup.

Blissy pink silk robe

The Perfect Photo Opportunity

Who doesn’t want to remember their special day with beautiful wedding photos? Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer or snapping candid photos with your phone, it’s important to capture meaningful moments throughout the entire experience, including before the ceremony.

Totally Insta-Worthy

Every bride needs an aesthetic photo surrounded by her best girlfriends while getting ready to say “I Do”. You and your bridesmaids will look and feel amazing in this matching pink silk robe. It's bound to make your special day an even better experience. Take group photos and get Insta-worthy content that everyone will want to share!

Your bridal party will look cohesive and feel photo-ready in this timeless pink silk robe that will let every lady in the wedding party shine.

Blissy pink silk robe in box

Gift-Worthy Packaging

Your silk bridesmaid robes will arrive in a gorgeous box that's totally giftworthy even without being wrapped.

You can enjoy fast and free shipping on orders so that you can be sure your gifts will arrive before the day of your wedding or bachelorette party.

This Pink Silk Robe Is the Most Luscious of Silk Bridesmaid Robes

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