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Why the Best Silk Pillowcase Is a Game-Changer for Beauty Sleep
Why the Best Silk Pillowcase Is a Game-Changer for Beauty Sleep

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Key takeaways:

  • Blissy Silk Pillowcases like reduce hair breakage and leave hair smooth.

  • Silk pillowcases keep skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles and sleep creases.

  • Silk regulates temperature so you don't get too hot while sleeping.

  • Blissy's silk pillowcases are made from the highest quality mulberry silk.


When you start sleeping on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase, you'll enjoy so many benefits. From improved beauty rest to healthier hair and skin, you'll wonder why you didn't nix your cotton pillowcase sooner!

Read on to discover so much more about why you need a mulberry silk pillowcase—and why Blissy is the top choice.

The Rise of Silk Pillowcases

Silk is not new to the world of beauty, fashion, and luxury. In fact, silk products have been highly sought-after and revered for hundreds of years. When sericulture (silk production) was newly discovered, only aristocrats and royalty could wear and enjoy silk.

Today, silk is produced on a much larger scale, making product offerings more diverse, affordable, and obtainable. This is only a logistical reason why silk has seen a rise in popularity.

Thanks to the internet and social media, there's more awareness of silk's amazing beauty and wellness benefits. Especially those of silk pillowcases, which include better sleep!

Thousands have discovered how luxuriously soft silk pillowcases are—and how they play an important role in self-care.

Plus, unlike any old cotton pillowcase, a silk pillowcase will seriously amp up the elegance of your bedroom aesthetic!

Tips for silk pillowcase shopping

women talking about satin pillowcase vs silk

Silk pillowcase options are numerous—but not equal! Not all brands can have "the best" silk pillowcase.

There are important things to consider when shopping for a real silk pillowcase.

Most silk pillowcases are, of course, crafted from silk. But, only 1-3% of silk pillowcases on the market are made with the highest quality mulberry silk, grade 6A. Blissy Silk Pillowcases are in that top tier!

Lower-quality silk will not provide the same advantages for skin and hair. The texture can also be visibly dull or uneven.

Pro Tip: Avoid satin pillowcases! A satin pillowcase may be smooth but is most likely not made from silk. Satin only refers to the fabric weave. Most satin pillowcases are usually made from subpar, synthetic material.

If you're worried about how much silk costs, just consider that silk pillowcases are a long-term investment in your self-care. Blissy Pillowcases can last around 10 years if cared for properly.

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Amazing Benefits of Blissy's Mulberry Silk

100% mulberry silk pillowcase

The best silk pillowcases are made from mulberry silk. And our pure, mulberry silk pillowcase is of unrivaled quality.

When you sleep on a Blissy pillowcase, you'll enjoy fantastic wellness and beauty benefits.

Gorgeous, healthy hair

Silk is your hair's best friend—unlike cotton pillowcases, or other pillowcases made from synthetic material.

When you sleep on silk, you'll wake up to gorgeous, smooth hair. Say goodbye to bed head for good!

Silk pillowcases have 43% less friction than cotton. So, rolling around at night won't cause you to end up with tangles or frizzy hair. The reduced friction on hair strands helps to lessen hair breakage and split ends, leading to improved hair texture over time.

Better yet, silk is naturally hydrating. It won't absorb your hair's natural oils or leave-in creams and conditioners. All that extra moisture and reduced damage leads to seriously enviable, glossy hair.

Sleeping on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase is wonderful for all hair types. But, it's especially important if you have a delicate hair texture, like curls.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you know how difficult the upkeep can be. Make your life so much easier by sleeping on silk. Your curls will be softer and bouncier without putting in any extra effort.

A mulberry silk pillowcase is also beneficial for those with hair extensions. Protect your beauty investment! Increase the life of your extensions by sleeping on silk.

Our silk pillowcase will make your hair smoother and healthier than ever before!

Fewer facial wrinkles and improved skin

woman admiring her skin texture

Blissy silk pillowcases have powerful skincare benefits, including ones that are anti-aging.

Yes—you'll have fewer facial wrinkles when you rest on our silk pillowcase!

Blissy Silk Pillowcase

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99k+ Reviews
Blissy pink mulberry silk pillowcase
  • moisture retaining icon Moisture-Retaining
  • cooling icon Cooling
  • natural fiber icon Natural Fiber
  • hypoallergenic icon Hypoallergenic

Because silk has very little friction and helps keep skin moisturized, you'll see fewer new fine lines and wrinkles. You can also say goodbye to bothersome sleep creases.

Wake up with fresh, rejuvenated skin!

If you have very sensitive skin, our mulberry silk pillowcase is an excellent choice. Aside from being hydrating, our silk is also non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

It's the perfect choice for those suffering from chronic dryness and irritation or other skin conditions.

Our silk pillowcase is also a must-have for those with acne-prone skin. Mulberry silk is naturally antibacterial and won't clog pores. You'll see less buildup on your pillow and fewer acne flare-ups.

Other non-silk pillowcases will deposit buildup from skin and hair back onto your face, leading to more frequent breakouts.

If you're ready for dramatically improved skin texture, switch to the best silk pillowcase from Blissy!

Better sleep

sleeping on 100% pure mulberry silk

Calling all hot sleepers! You desperately need a Blissy Silk Pillowcase.

It may sound strange, but our top-tier mulberry silk can actually help you stay cool while you sleep—even on hot summer nights!

Sleeping on our mulberry silk pillowcase each night will help regulate body temperature. Silk is naturally cooling and moisture-wicking, allowing you to stay dry and comfy throughout the night. This is vital if you want to get the best possible beauty rest.

If you get too hot at night, your quality of sleep can be greatly reduced. Very high temperatures at night may even lessen the time spent in REM sleep, which involves dreaming, brain development, and more.

Poor sleep can impact your life over time, leading to unwanted effects like daytime sleepiness, weight gain, and mood changes.

So—stay cool at night and get amazing sleep with silk! Avoid all these issues while waking up refreshed and fabulous.

Plus, Blissy silk pillowcases are incredibly soft, smooth, and comfortable. Laying down on the best silk pillowcase is truly pampering. The luxe material glides gently over skin and hair and feels relaxing to the touch.

Turn your nightly bedtime ritual into an indulgent experience with Blissy!

Reduced allergy symptoms

brooklinen mulberry silk pillowcase

Allergy sufferers—you need the best silk pillowcase.

A fantastic benefit of our pure mulberry silk pillowcase is fewer nighttime and early morning allergies.

As we mentioned earlier, silk is a hypoallergenic material. It also won't trap mildew and dander like other pillowcases do.

This doesn't only help those with sensitive skin. It's also helpful if you struggle with allergies. Especially if you find yourself sniffling, sneezing, dealing with congestion, and coughing at bedtime and when you wake up.

Important tip: Nighttime allergies can greatly impact your sleep and quality of life! Get the beauty rest you deserve with a Blissy Silk Pillowcase.

Another reason our mulberry silk pillowcase helps lessen allergies is that it's bug-resistant. Silk organically repels dust mites, which are a very common asthma and allergy trigger.

And...the best silk pillowcase for allergy sufferers uses a zipper closure. Zipper closures provide extra protection for your pillow. They are superior to envelope closures, which leave your pillow exposed.

Our silk pillowcases have zipper closures that help keep out dust mites, dander, and other allergens. Without a zipper closure, these would end up collecting on your pillow and worsening allergies.

There's no need to keep suffering from avoidable allergy symptoms. Reduce your allergies and get better sleep with our silk pillowcase!

Why Blissy's Silk Is Better

100% mulberry silk blissy

So, you may be wondering—what exactly makes Blissy's silk superior for skin and hair?

First, only the highest quality silk will provide you with optimum beauty and wellness benefits.

Issues with poor-quality silk include:

  • Possible impurities
  • Uneven texture
  • Weakened tensile strength
  • Lack of softness
  • Lumpy or rough texture

Our mulberry silk pillowcase is crafted from top-grade silk (grade 6A), which again accounts for only up to 3% of silk production. The majority of silk in the marketplace falls under grades 4A and lower.

Additionally, all Blissy silk products are crafted from natural fibers. They are certified as non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly. This includes an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, which ensures product safety.

Shop confidently and buy only the best silk pillowcase!

The science behind silk

100% mulberry silk

Mulberry silk contains a naturally occurring and fascinating protein called sericin.

Sericin plays a major role in silk's beauty and wellness benefits. The protein helps retain moisture and strengthen silk's natural fibers. It even has numerous applications in cosmetics, medicine, and more!

For example, sericin in topical cosmetic products leads to:

  • Increased hydration, elasticity, and anti-wrinkle effects
  • Reduced irritation

Blissy vs. Other Brands

blissy vs slip pure silk pillowcase

Compared to other silk pillowcase brands, Blissy is superior in quality, durability, and luxury.

Many other silk pillowcases are not crafted from the same top-tier silk. Nor do they bear the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label, which affords safety and product confidence.

Blissy is also committed to protecting the environment, which is why all of our products do not use harmful chemicals or dyes in the manufacturing process.

Our high-quality silk pillowcase is luxurious yet offered at a fair price for the incredible benefits you'll receive. Invest in your well-being with Blissy!

Comfort and craftsmanship

machine washed pillowcase

Not all other silk pillowcases are made with the ideal momme count. Our silk pillowcase momme count of 22 is perfect for daily use. It's lightweight, breathable, and ultra-soft—yet extremely durable.

Better yet, our silk pillowcases are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and come beautifully packaged.

And don't even worry about your bedroom aesthetic. Blissy Silk Pillowcases look elegant and fit your pillow perfectly! Plus, with dozens of colors and prints to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect one for your bedroom.

As mentioned earlier, our mulberry silk pillowcases use a zipper closure. This makes your pillow look picture-perfect while reducing allergens.

Huge selection

blissy boxes assorted

Blissy offers the largest variety of colors and patterns available of any silk pillowcase brand. With over 50 choices, you're bound to find one (or 10) silk pillowcases that you adore!

There are many that complement and/or match our other bestselling silk products, like our Silk Sleep Masks and Silk Hair Accessories.

Easy care

The best silk pillowcase is easy to care for!

You don't need to hand wash or dry clean our durable silk pillowcase. Machine wash your Blissy Silk Pillowcase in a mesh laundry bag on the gentle cycle with cool water.

It's recommended to let your silk pillowcase air dry, but it can be put in the dryer on the no heat or lowest heat setting for up to 20 minutes.

Need more detailed care instructions? Click here.

Blissy is for the whole family

Why buy a single pillowcase when you can buy one for everyone!?

Our mulberry silk pillowcases are available in standard, queen, and king sizes and in kids' sizes (toddler and youth).

The Blissy Junior Collection is full of both chic and adorable colors and prints. Kids are now able to enjoy the same fabulous benefits of silk, which include better sleep.

In need of a cutesy gift idea? Buy matching his and hers pillowcases!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

silk you can machine wash

Still unsure of what is the best silk pillowcase? Blissy has earned over 100,000 5-star reviews for a reason! We've also received multiple awards, including the 2023 NewBeauty Award for Best Pillowcase.

Sleeping on the best overall silk pillowcase is a transformative experience.

Cindy C. is one of many whose sleep has dramatically improved:

I found out it wasn’t my pillow all my 70 years, but it was my pillowcase. I sleep so soundly and comfortably and wake with my hair looking like it did when I went to sleep.

Christine H. is enjoying waking up with beautiful skin:

The quality is soft and beautiful. It works its magic as I no longer wake up with creases on my face from my cotton pillowcases.

And Linda H. is no longer a hot sleeper:

The coolness of the pillowcase is also a big plus, no sweatiness. You actually get some sleep instead of tossing and turning all night.

Switch to a Blissy Silk Pillowcase

blissy vs parachute silk pillowcase

So, no more wondering which silk pillowcase to buy. Try our luxuriously soft Blissy Silk Pillowcase and experience its amazing benefits firsthand.

Better beauty sleep and more awaits you!

Blissy Silk Pillowcase

star icon star icon star icon star icon star icon
99k+ Reviews
Blissy pink mulberry silk pillowcase
  • moisture retaining icon Moisture-Retaining
  • cooling icon Cooling
  • natural fiber icon Natural Fiber
  • hypoallergenic icon Hypoallergenic
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