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6 Iron-Free Hacks to Keep Your Blissy Effortlessly Smooth Without the Hassle
6 Iron-Free Hacks to Keep Your Blissy Effortlessly Smooth Without the Hassle

Almost everyone secretly craves the understated elegance of silk. But one of the main grievances that people present is ‘how difficult’ it is to care for silk. Caring for silk requires a degree of caution but nowhere near the mountain that we imagine it to be. Ever put off that task or chore which felt monumental in your head, but in reality required little to no effort?

Some folks prefer to hand wash silk items (which is totally your call!) As long as you are careful enough you can throw silk into the bin of your regular washing machine. We recommend a delicate or a short cold cycle if your machine isn’t equipped with a delicate setting.

Now that your Blissy is clean as a whistle, you may think to throw it into the dryer. Just be careful with extreme temperatures! Line drying is recommended to prevent any fabric compromise or zipper-related damages. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration.

Once your Blissy is washed, dried, and ready to go, if you’re like most of us, you’re ready to hit the hay. But then the nagging voice of your grandmother, who'd scold you for not ironing your socks creeps in!

The combination of steam and spray starch may be an intoxicating aroma, but most of us find it to be burdensome. The risk of burning the fabric, ourselves, or worse, creating even more wrinkles!

As the times have changed, so have our habits. Many people, especially Millennials and younger may own an iron but may never actually use it. Rather than busting out the ironing board, there are other ways to keep items wrinkle-free. You can use some of these non-iron hacks to care for your Blissy and get it into tip-top shape. Here are a few of our faves:

1. Turn Your Shower Into a Steam Room

Run your shower at the hottest temperature with the door shut to create that pseudo sauna vibe. Or to save water and kill two birds with one stone, hang your Blissy in the bathroom while you are showering.

2. Try a Blast From Your Blow Dryer

Another great way to make a tool multi-purpose is using your ordinary hair dryer. No fancy technique required here. Just hold it a few inches away from your Blissy silk on the lowest setting and you’re good to go.

3. The Book Method

Place your Blissy on a flat surface, either while it is damp (or if dry, add a spritz of water.) And place a heavy item like a book on top. Leave to dry and do its thing.

4. Wrinkle Release Spray

There’s tons of wrinkle release sprays offered in stores. But if you’re more on the thrifty side, you might try your hand at some DIY solutions. Use a spray bottle with fabric softener diluted with water.

5. Not Overcrowding Loads

It can be tempting to squeeze in an overcrowded load (which we obviously never do.) But this shortcut can actually be counterproductive. When we overload, not only do we run the risk of not properly cleaning our items, but we can actually rough up fabrics. This is a no go! Especially if we are including silk in our load. (Be sure when you are washing your Blissy that you keep jeans and heavier fabrics OUT.) But moreover, overcrowded loads can create more wrinkles, which is not the vibe.

6. Steam From a Kettle

A bit more unconventional, but we’ve been told it works as a makeshift steamer! Boil water in a kettle and when steam begins to emerge from the spout, hold your Blissy an arm’s length away (~12 inches.) Just be sure to turn off your burner—no one likes a burnt Blissy! Observe as the wrinkles start to dissipate.

The verdict

We hope you’re feeling a bit more confident in your ability to tackle ironing. now that you know that alternatives to traditional puff and steam exist. Even if you don’t get around to ironing your precious Blissy each time, you'll still reap its myriad benefits. From renewed hair and skin to more restful sleep, the difference is clear. Let Blissy do the work for you. Because You Deserve It.

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