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How Do Silk Scrunchies Benefit Your Hair?
The question that is begged almost nightly: how to style your hair for bed so that you stave off the frizz monster!

You give so much thought to nightly skincare that you often leave your hair as an afterthought, in a devil-may-care kinda way. But the Curly Girl community, and people with more delicate hair types, have long known the way. And the secret is out: silk scrunchies are the Holy Grail of beauty rest. That’s why we combined the best of both worlds by crafting Blissy Silk Scrunchies.

hand holding a Blissy tie dye box ft. oversized silk scrunchies in tie-dye, white, taupe, and rose gold

Many of us have heard through the grapevine that scrunchies are better for our hair, but have tuned out as to why that is. As many owners of long hair know to be true, taking your hair down from one of those skinny black elastics—that are ubiquitous—either when you’re about to take a shower, or coming home from a long day of work/school/errands usually results in the biggest hairball; not only does it break your hair-loving heart, but actually breaks your hair. That OUCH that comes from getting yanked out is loud enough to break glass.

The detangling process is easily one of the most damaging aspects of using elastics. But it should also be noted that the damage continues even as you wear it. Those dreaded lines and kinks that come from an innocent attempt at a quick pony are never in style. Not to mention that elastics loveeee to snap and pop seemingly at random when they’ve reached their last leg. When was the last time you had a scrunchie give up on you?

We know, we know. You’ve seen scrunchies selling at major brands and retailers like hot cakes, and have maybe added a few to your hair toolbelt, but thought, ‘big whoop.' The Blissy difference is that we’re not trying to dazzle you with style alone (although we don’t mean to brag, but our rose gold and tie-dye are killer!) we want to actively take care of your hair. So what can a simple switch to a Blissy silk scrunchie do for you?

Promote Better Skin Health

woman looking up while tying her hair with Blissy skinny scrunchies in rose gold and taupe

As tempting as it is to pull your hair tight-tight-tight to achieve a sleek hairstyle, over time your scalp, the foundation of your hair, can undergo damage.

The pain that comes with taking your hair down is actually caused by inflammation of blood vessels affecting the nerves in your scalp! This often ‘temporary’ pain can even manifest in tension headaches, a dry, flaky, and ironically oily scalp as a result of oil overproduction.

Luckily the elastic in our scrunchies is more comfortable than the average stand-alone hair tie, giving you a gentler hold. Combine that with our signature Blissy silk and it’s heaven.

Maintain Your Luscious Locks

Ever have the best hair day of your life, and hate to see it go to waste? Or maybe you’re trying to extend the length of time between washes.

back view of woman tying her hair with Blissy silk orchid purple scrunchies

Blissy silk scrunchies are awesome in that they prevent the rubbing and tugging caused by friction so that your hair moves with ease.

Traction alopecia, the hair loss caused by repeated pulling and parting of the hair affects people of all ages. And short of wearing your hair down 24/7, which isn’t always realistic, it’s important to be delicate the times you DO need your hair to stay put. The standard Blissy scrunchie is great for when you need to get in some zzz’s, while the ‘skinnies’ are awesome for hardcore workouts or the odd Sunday morning farmer’s market stroll! Need something a bit more extravagant to lift your hair *and* cheer your mood? Try our new oversized scrunchies.

Elevate Your Outfit

Putting your hair up can feel embarrassing when out with friends or on a date, but you don’t always have time to wash, dry, protect, style, the whole annoying gamut… Throw on a Blissy silk scrunchie, or grab it on your way out the door, and you’re guaranteed fabulous!

back/side view of woman wearing Blissy silk white oversized scrunchie

Just like certain colors communicate subtle messages, silk suggests understated elegance and timelessly cool.

Simplify Your Routine

The days of losing countless hair ties to your purse, your bathroom vanity, your ‘just borrowing’ friends (the Universe) are over! Rather than chasing annoying elastics left and right, set yourself up for success with just a few essentials. The Blissy regular and skinny scrunchies come in packs of three while the oversized scrunchies come solo. All in a convenient trunk which makes for easy storage.

Blissy tie-dye oversized silk scrunchies on hands

Time to kick those old elastics to the curb and spruce up your ‘do. Make the switch to Blissy silk, your hair and scalp will thank us later.

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