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Cozy Glam Bedroom Decor: Create a Warm Space to Be Fabulous This Winter
Cozy Glam Bedroom Decor: Create a Warm Space to Be Fabulous This Winter

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Decorating glam bedrooms is not only a form of creative expression—you'll also feel more relaxed in a clean, luxurious bedroom with a glam design.

Read on to discover some classy, interior design inspiration, plus tricks and tips. Dress your room up with cozy glam bedroom decor and furniture with these bedroom ideas that simply spell GLAMOUR.

What's the first step in going cozy glam? You have to decide which glam style you like most!

sophisticated, romantic glam bedroom decor

The Different Styles of a Glam Bedroom

When dreaming up a "glam bedroom," vintage glam is often the style that first comes to mind—think chandeliers, decadent curtains, ornate adornments, heavy gold accents, and high-end, antique furniture.

We all love a bit of vintage glam, BUT, there are so many other ways to create a glam space.

Here are some other glam bedroom styles that each have their own unique twist on glamour, to name a few:

  • Modern glam: Characterized by new, high-end furniture, gold or silver accents, tables with mirrored or reflective surfaces, and either neutral color schemes (like gray or beige, with a pop of color) or bright colors with lots of sparkle and flair
  • Rock glam: Highly contrasting colors (like red, black, and white) to make a bold statement, along with striking accent walls, eclectic decorations, fur or faux fur, and intense prints (like cheetah, zebra, or Victorian-inspired designs)
  • Jungle glam: This style is perfect for fans of bohemia that are looking to create a more refined, glam space. It combines elements of rattan and/or mid-century-modern furniture and decor, plenty of well-placed live plants, bold and rich colors and patterns, and eclectic art (like cheetah statues, gold toucan lamps, and animal print rugs).
  • Rustic glam: This glam style brings glamour into a woodsy, cabin-like space—yes, the two styles can be combined, and the result is fabulous! Think luxury meets country chic. It's a high-end farmhouse style with sparkling and luxe accents.
  • French chic: A shabby chic style that's heavily influenced by French countryside decor, with provincial furniture, rustic or ornate chandeliers, floral accents, flowing curtains, and elegant, vintage floor coverings
  • Romantic glam: Add a touch of whimsy and romance to your glam bedroom, with shades of pink and white, a cushy, statement headboard, delicate bedding and accents, velvet curtains, and lots of frills. This style often draws inspiration from French chic.
jungle glam aesthetic

    Now that you know more about glam styles, you can create your own glamorous twist! To design your perfect, cozy glam bedroom decor, start by picking your preferred color palette.

    Visualize Your Perfect Color Palette

    As we've just discussed, there's no single way to decorate a glam bedroom. There are so many fun and creative options. Choosing which colors you'd like to include first will make it easier to plan the bedroom design and theme, choose furniture and art, and help keep your room refined.

    If you need a modern glam bedroom, it's best to choose a cool color palette. Gray looks classy, and it's commonly used as a primary color in glam bedrooms, along with some rich, deep accent colors.

    gorgeous glam decor with beige color scheme

    For a bold glam style, use contrasting and bright colors, like pink and black, that give the room flair! On the other hand, decorate with a combination of soft shades like rose, ivory, white, and blue if you're going for a more relaxed, romantic glam style.

    A beige or neutral color scheme is one of the best choices for creating cozy glam bedroom decor and a luxurious, relaxing space.

    Earthy colors like terracotta, sienna, light olive green, and walnut brown are perfect for the cooler months and create a warm, calming, inviting, and sophisticated atmosphere.

    Create a Glam Space with Gold Touches

    Gold touches are a classic way to create a glam bedroom. Add a gold mirror, a nightstand with gold accents, gold lamps, gold photo or art print frames, a gold headboard—you name it! It's up to you how much gold you want to bring into your space, whether you want just a few gold touches or an extravagant amount of gold.

    Including gold adds a touch of luxury and elevates the room's style. Plus, adding warm gold hues can help the room itself feel warmer.

    pink and white glam bedroom with gold

    Not a fan of gold? Go with silver!

    Don't like gold? No problem! Silver is the other go-to color to use when designing a glam bedroom. It works especially well in a modern glam bedroom.

    Although silver accents don't make the room feel as warm as gold, they still bring the luxurious touches you'd expect to find in a glam bedroom, and go perfectly with a winter theme.

    Pair silver accents with a silky white duvet cover, white faux fur throws, and soft pink pillows of varying textures, and you have a fabulous icy, winter room that will still keep you super cozy.

    You Need Glamorous Walls

    The entire decor of your room could be perfectly glamorous, but your bedroom won't be complete until the walls are, too!

    gorgeous reflective silver nightstand and luxury bedding

    There are a few ways you can create sophisticated walls in your space:

    • Experiment with a gallery wall! Arrange your favorite art (hung in either eclectic, elaborate frames or all uniform) in creative, well-spaced layouts. Include some fall colors or winter-themed art to add to your cozy glam bedroom decor theme. You'd be surprised what a gallery wall can do for your space!
    • Play with painting an accent wall with sparkle, bright, bold, or deep colors.
    • You can go for a crisp and wintry white bedroom and keep white walls for a clean and sophisticated look. Better yet, install intricate crown molding and baseboards for exquisite style.
    • Or, try out the opposite—a glam bedroom with black walls. If you include mirrors and plenty of throw pillows and fur accents, you'll see how classy yet cozy your new space can be.

    A Glam Space Needs Mirrors

    Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, mirrored nightstands, or shiny silver and gold accents, are a must in modern and rock glam bedroom styles.

    modern gold mirror and artistic frames

    Adding gold mirrors in particular provides the room with a hint of warmth while opening up the space. Depending on your glam bedroom style, you can opt for a large floor mirror with a Victorian-style frame, or multiple mirrors with simple, modern frames that will add elegance to your room.

    Use Lighting to Create a Glam Room

    The lights you choose for your room will make a big impact. For cozy glam bedroom decor, you should choose warm lights that feel soft and inviting, while bringing an element of charm into your room.

    You can choose from a pair of designer lamps on your nightstands, a single unique light fixture, a gorgeous chandelier, or more! There are so many options.

    Just make sure the light is warm and matches the sophisticated style that you desire.

    unique, warm light fixture in a modern glam bedroom

    And, last but certainly not least—

    Create a Cozy Yet Glamorous Bed

    Your glamorous bedroom isn’t done until you’ve put the finishing touches on your bed—the centerpiece of your elegant room!

    Pick a beautiful bench or ottoman to decorate the end of the bed. Drape a deliciously warm, soft, oversized blanket, or faux fur throw, across the bed to add to your cozy glam bedroom decor. Hang delicate, sheer curtains from a four-post bed to add a bit of whimsy and romance to your room.

    Choosing a lovely statement headboard can bring your room from shabby to classy!

    Make sure to include plenty of soft and comfortable pillows, in a combination of textures and rich colors, arranged perfectly on your bed.

    High-quality bedding is so important! 

    You will not only get better rest but also feel more relaxed and glamorous if you sleep on luxurious, ultra-soft bedding.

    Chic style bedding and accessories

    Choose the best bedding to include in your cozy glam bedroom decor!

    blissy pillowcases in glam colors

    Blissy is an eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX Certified luxury and wellness brand that offers some of the most glamorous, mulberry silk pillowcases and accessories on the market.

    The Blissy Pillowcase, made from Grade 6A, 22-momme mulberry silk, is the perfect year-round fabric for your elegant bedroom. Silk's natural thermoregulating powers will keep you cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.

    The Blissy Pillowcase comes in a large variety of luxe colors, including Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne, Black, Silver, and Pink.

    Enhance your cozy glam bedroom decor with a Blissy Sleep Mask. These luxurious, real silk sleep masks will not only complement your classy room, but they'll also help stop frizzy hair and keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated—even throughout the cold, dry winter months!

    blissy silk pillowcase in zebra

    Other Ideas for Cozy Glam Bedroom Decor

    Here are some other ideas to incorporate into your own cozy, glam style:

    • Include a chic-style seating area
    • Add an accent table with a classy vase
    • Don't skimp on window treatments. Make sure you choose well-matched, high-end curtains.
    • Consider your floor type and floor coverings. Some glamorous styles include handwoven rugs, fur throws, charming wood floors, and polished, resin floors.
    • Include floral accents, like bouquets, floral wallpapers, floral fabric prints, and more. These go exceptionally well with a French chic glam style and give a cozy, cottage vibe.

    Creating Your Dream Glam Space

    When designing your next chic glam bedroom, it's essential to consider how to make your space glam while ensuring it's unique to you!

    Have fun expressing yourself with cozy glam bedroom decor while sleeping on luxurious silk pillowcasesyou deserve to be pampered!

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