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Early Gift Shopping Ideas: Get the Jump on Holiday Shopping
Early Gift Shopping Ideas: Get the Jump on Holiday Shopping

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It’s December 20. There are five days until Christmas, but you still haven’t bought those presents on your gift list. You head to the mall, but last-minute shoppers are crowding major retailers, and store shelves are becoming bare.

You decide to shop online instead and find some of the items from your gift list, but then—oh no, forget easy two-day shipping. There are shipping delays and expedited shipping is $50.

Sound familiar? All that stress, including feeling that pit of doom in your stomach, can be avoided—if you do your holiday shopping early!

Read on to find out why you should be a big fan of early holiday shopping—and discover some fantastic gifts that you can shop for now.

woman with cat ears holding a gift

Reasons for Holiday Shoppers to Start Early

It makes sense to do early holiday shopping for a few, very important reasons.

Avoid extended shipping times during holiday shopping

Like in our scenario above (we admit that was from personal experience), many consumers wait until the last minute to shop for the holidays, including those who shop online.

Expect shipping delays from all carriers this year!

Fight the urge to procrastinate because it’s so worth it to get the jump on holiday shopping early. Not only will your lovely gifts be ready to go for holiday parties, but you also won’t need to pay for expedited shipping or worry about if/when purchases will arrive.

Holiday shopping season inventory shortages

Is there an awesome gift you want to purchase? Don’t wait too long, because it may not be in stock!

Many retailers have a limited quantity of goods during the holidays due to the sheer number of holiday shoppers and purchases. Store shelves dwindle as it gets closer to December.

You might get stuck buying fewer items than you intended due to them selling out. Shop early to avoid these issues altogether!

looking out at shopping mall

Take advantage of early holiday shopping deals

Many of the best deals happen during early holiday shopping, often in October. Major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon have begun to hold massive sales in the first couple weeks of October to:

  1. Ease the burden of inflation on consumers by spreading out holiday shopping
  2. Lessen the burden on postal carriers by promoting early holiday shopping
  3. Run sales at a benefit to you to offload excess inventory

You can find early holiday shopping discounts, sales, and other purchase incentives from stores on various platforms and in person.

Although there will be sales later in the holiday season, base prices will only be higher due to inflation. Save money by shopping early!

successful shopping

Early Holiday Shopping Tips

Here’s how to have the best early holiday shopping experience:

  • Do holiday shopping as early as October
  • Shop early to avoid major shipping delays
  • Shop early to ensure that the best products (including those you’ve been dreaming of buying for ages) are available
  • Many holiday shoppers wait until the last minute. Shop early to avoid all that stress and chaos!

Keep stacking discounts

  • Comparison shop and find out if the company offers a price match guarantee
  • Save money with sales and reduced prices
  • Apply credit card rewards toward purchases

Top Gifts for the Holiday Season

Add products from Blissy to your early holiday shopping gift list! Blissy is an eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX Certified, luxury beauty brand that sells high-quality, mulberry silk bedding, hair accessories, and more!

Check out these five fabulous and unique Blissy gift ideas:

1) Blissy Pillow Mist

deal on pillow mist


Blissy’s new Pillow Mists are a fantastic gift for loved ones in need of a more rejuvenating night’s sleep. They will love the variety of relaxing scents they can spritz on their pillow before bed.

Help melt your loved ones' stresses away as they breathe in eucalyptus oil blended with combinations of lavender, jasmine, lemongrass, or woodsmoke & leather. These luxurious, essential oil aromatherapy blends can even help them feel more refreshed in the morning.


2) Blissy Ombre Pillowcase

sale on silk pillowcases

These bright and colorful, real silk pillowcases will bring joy to your loved one’s face as Pink, Orange, and Purple Ombre shades pop out from under the wrapping paper!

Not only do they make a fun and cheery bedding accent, but these glamorous pillowcases will also help keep your loved one’s hair and skin on their A-game—sleeping on silk leads to healthier skin and shinier hair.

3) Blissy 9-Piece Scrunchie Set

9-piece silk scrunchie set

Blissy’s Scrunchie Sets make the perfect gift for anyone in your life with long hair. Your loved one will feel glamorous when they pull their hair up with a high-quality, mulberry silk scrunchie. They’ll be even happier since silk scrunchies won’t tangle or break their hair—a win-win for you both!

And, add the perfect stocking stuffer to go with your Scrunchie Set:

Blissy has new, elegant Silk Hair Ribbons available in Black, Champagne, and Rose Gold!


4) Blissy Robe in White

most people would kill for this silk robe!

Blissy’s Classic Robe in white is the perfect gift to pamper your wife, mother, sister, or—let's face it, any woman would be happy with this! She can lounge in luxe comfort in this beautifully crafted, flattering, ultra-soft silk robe. It’s 100% mulberry silk on both the inside and outside, so the robe will not only softly glide across her skin, it'll also help her stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. She’ll love wearing it all year round!

Plus, the Blissy Classic Robe is both glamorous and convenient. The gorgeous silk robe comes with two generously sized pockets for your her to carry not only a cell phone but also, if you want to pamper her some more, a Blissy Sleep Mask.

5) Blissy Junior Night Sky Pillowcase

blissy junior night sky pillowcase

This super-cute collection of pillowcases is perfect for any little ones in your life. They’ll enjoy drifting off to sleep on Blissy’s very soft, 100% real mulberry silk pillowcases. The starry pattern is perfect for your little one at night. They’ll have fun looking at the constellations!

There are also other ADORABLE prints available in the Blissy Junior collection.


Start Your Early Holiday Shopping Today!

This holiday season, you'll feel much better, save money with sales, and discover fabulous gifts for your loved ones—if you don't wait until the last minute!

Don't spend the whole month of December scrambling to find gifts and hoping that they arrive on time. Early holiday shopping starts in October-November, leaving you plenty of time to pick out all the best items from your gift list.

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