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How to Glow During Taurus Season: Beauty Horoscope Guide
How to Glow During Taurus Season: Beauty Horoscope Guide

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If you're a Taurus, now's your time to shine! Taurus season is all about you, from pampering yourself to achieving big goals.

But remember:

The stars remind you to stay grounded in the physical world while pursuing your dreams

Taurus season, April 19 through May 20, encourages you to create a strong foundation for change. That means making sustainable routines while indulging in life's pleasures.

Taurus, the first of 3 earth signs, is ruled by planet Venus, so bringing beauty and luxury into your life is vital right now.

Rest to avoid burnout, because you can't be productive without leisure. And remember that ultra-pampering downtime only helps foster more confidence and motivation.

If Taurus is in your second house, we don't need to remind you—you're already on your self-care game.

So, what little pleasures should you indulge in? Taurus season shines a light on luxury:

Treat yourself to an enhanced beauty routine with boosted luxury

And keep in mind, Taurus season affects all signsyou don't need to be a Taurus to follow our beauty horoscope! But, if your zodiac sign is Taurus or Aries, this season will have a stronger influence.

taurus zodiac sign (bull) with aquarius rising

Beauty Horoscope for Taurus Season

As the sun moves through Taurus, you're called to focus on a new you.

Taurus rising, now is the time to honor your astrological chart:

Prioritize beauty, body, and soul

The following beauty horoscope aligns with Taurus season and the revitalizing energy of spring.

Incorporate earth tones and lush textures

Taurus season highlights a need for groundingincluding a connection with nature. Unfortunately, you can't always journey off into the woods.

The solution? Bring the outside inside.

the energy of the planet venus rules the taurus sign

Incorporate natural hues and comforting fabrics. Bring them into both your home and your beauty routine.

Here are some ideas:

  • Adorn your bed pillows with ultra-soothing silk. Try earthy shades like Emerald, Bronze, or Champagne.

  • Enhance your natural beauty! Experiment with a more neutral makeup palette. Sub that dark smoky eye for browns and golds. Dot dewy highlighter on your cheekbones for extra shimmer.

  • Adjust your wardrobe to complement the season. Include more luxurious textures, like linen and silk, in shades of brown, tan, terracotta, sage green, and grey.

  • Nourish your hair with a Taupe Silk Bonnet to boost your hair's shine while looking chic

These practices will help you stay calm, present, comforted, and focused during Taurus season.

Indulge in self-care

Stay true to Taurus's naturecelebrate personal care and luxury.

taurus season beauty ideas for capricorn, scorpio, aries, leo, gemini, cancer, virgo, pisces

Here are ways to elevate your beauty and wellness routines:

  • Glow all month by adding a nourishing face oil to your skincare regimen

  • Catch up on your beauty sleep! It's a season of rejuvenation. Pamper yourself while you sleep by wearing a soothing silk sleep mask.

  • Ease stress with calming essential oils, like lavender, eucalyptus, and cedarwood

Embrace the spring season

Taurus season invites you to connect with Earth. So now, sync with nature and bloom with spring.

With this season comes warmth in weather and relationshipsespecially with yourself.

Looking for warm weather beauty tips?:

  • Sleep on a cooling silk pillowcase for better sleep, skin, and hair

  • Apply a premium sunscreen daily, like this one. To enhance your glow, look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

  • Finish your look with a matte setting spray to prevent oil and sweat from spoiling your makeup

Blissy Products for Taurus Season

The following luxe Blissy products will upgrade your beauty experience this Taurus season!

Blissy Scrunchies and Headpieces

Style your hair with Blissy Scrunchies and Blissy Headpieces. Our mulberry silk scrunchies add a sophisticated touch to any look. Keep hair glossy and free from creases, frizz, and damage.

Our elegant silk headpieces are perfect to wear when getting readyor as a luxe way to style second-day hair.

Wear colors to complement spring, like Rose Gold and Olive.

Blissy Scrunchies

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Blissy Dream Set for Taurus Birthdays

If you or your loved one is a Taurus, gift them a Blissy Dream Set for their birthday.

This fabulous birthday treat is designed to pamper. It includes a Blissy Silk Pillowcase, Sleep Mask, and 2 Scrunchies to promote self-care and enhance nightly beauty rituals.

Our Dream Set can improve hair and skin overnightperfectly indulgent for Taurus season.

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Blissy Robe

A Blissy Robe enhances any luxurious self-care routine, including skincare. Our flattering loungewear, crafted from 32-momme mulberry silk, soothes and moisturizes skin.

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Plus, it's the perfect robe for getting ready.

Special Tips for Taurus Signs

If you're a Taurus, you're strong-willedbut also sensual.

Make this Taurus season memorable:

  • Appeal to your senses. Indulge in life's physical pleasures, like silken fabrics and decadent chocolate.

  • Invest in deluxe beauty products. Taureans are good with money but don't always know when to spend and when to save. Now it's time to treat yourself to prestigious skincare treatments and silken bedding.

  • Embrace your soft side. Practice patience with yourself and others. Step outside your comfort zone and try a new beauty or wellness ritual that you weren't open to before.

Celebrate That Luxurious Taurus Glow

Achieve the most gorgeous, indulgent Taurus season yet with Blissy and our beauty horoscope!

Want a head start on the next astrological sign? Prepare to have unrivaled beauty in Gemini season, beginning May 21.

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