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What Is Pink Noise for Sleep, and Can It Help Me Sleep Better?
What Is Pink Noise for Sleep, and Can It Help Me Sleep Better?

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Will pink noise help you get the sleep you need, or should you stick with the sound of white noise? Here's more information about pink and white noise to help you decide which kinds of sound exposure might be right for your sleep quality.

what is pink noise

What Is Pink Noise?

Similar to the sound of white noise, pink noise is a collection of frequencies. Unlike white, it is louder at a lower frequency and softer at higher frequencies, cutting down on high pitches. Think about a calm rain shower, and that's the kind of sound that pink noise represents.

Pink noise exposure may help soothe brain activity. One study found that there was a positive link between steady pink noise and deeper sleep. More research still needs to be done to see exactly how much pink noise helps non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep.

What Is White Noise?

You may already be familiar with white noise. But if not, a simple definition is that it has sounds spread across all audible frequencies simultaneously.

Some good examples of white noise include:

  • Vacuum cleaners humming
  • The hum of an air conditioner
  • Whirring fans
  • Static on a television

A sleep machine, sound machine, or noise generator may have the option for you to select white or pink noise with lower frequencies. Sound machines may also offer other types of sounds like brown noise, blue noise, or red noise. These can also be helpful for some people.

woman sleeping soundly

What Is Pink Noise for Sleep Compared to White Noise?

Pink noise is different from white because pink is on the lower end of the sounds your ears can hear. Both can be helpful in improving sleep slow oscillations, which are present during slow-wave sleep.

How Pink Noise Can Help Some People Sleep: Sleep Slow Oscillations

In one recent study about human neuroscience, the study found that pink noise auditory stimulation can amplify sleep slow oscillations, which support memory formation and synaptic plasticity. It also linked pink noise to concomitant memory improvement.

Put more basically, the data shows that pink noise helps your brain get the rest it needs to form memories and remain plastic.

sleeper with head under pillow

Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

Whether you're interested in sleep consolidation and maximizing the amount of sleep you get while in bed or just want to relax and fall asleep gently at night, there are some tips that can help you do so.

Avoid Intriguing Content at Night

High pitched vocals, songs with a fast beat, busy tracks, and other loud sounds may make it harder for you to snooze at night. Opt for content that is more pleasant to the human ear and more likely to help you fall asleep faster to avoid restless nights.

Limit your time looking at bright or colorful videos, listening to energetic music, or rocking out to your favorite metal album.

Try pink noise for sleep if you feel comfortable with sounds like the sound of steady rainfall, wind, or a bush rustling. Alternatively, some people find that listening to all the audible frequencies with white noise helps them while falling asleep.

Other ideas include:

  • Listen to a favorite album
  • Find the perfect sleepy song (like Weightless by Marconi Union)
  • Open the window to listen to the wind
  • Turn on YouTube and listen to sleep songs or spectral content
  • Find quality band arrangements for better sleep
  • Listen to instrumental tracks without vocals

These and other options could help you get to dozing fast, improve your work efficiency, and help you feel well-rested each and every day.

woman sprawled on white sheet

Experiment With Different Sounds

Different sounds could help you sleep better than others. For example, older adults might like to have the soothing sound of steady rainfall lull them to bed. Younger people might settle down on restless nights by choosing a light song with deeper vocals to help them fall asleep faster.

Pink noise tends to have heavy bass and deep sounds, while white drowns out outside noises across all frequencies.

Combine Sounds with a Silk Pillowcase for Ideal Sleeping Conditions

Now you know what is pink noise for sleep and you're ready to go to bed. But don't forget to prepare your room and bed for an ideal slumber. You don't want to wake up in the dark because you're uncomfortable.

Blissy can help with a silk pillowcase that keeps you cushioned as you get much-needed rest. Blissy helps you sleep because it has moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry from sweat at night, assists with temperature regulation, and is ultra-soft and comfortable.

Get Better Deep Sleep with Blissy

At Blissy, we know that a night of good, deep sleep is essential to helping you feel well-rested. Combined with a sleep sound that works for you, our silk pillowcases, sleep masks, and other top-selling products can make sure you get much-needed rest.

What Is Pink Noise for Sleep, and Can It Help Me Sleep Better?

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