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Cute Scrunchie Hairstyles: On-Trend Tutorials for Everyone
Cute Scrunchie Hairstyles: On-Trend Tutorials for Everyone

Got Scrunchie Style?

Our Blissy Silk Scrunchies are the ultimate hair accessories for everyday wear. For the perfect look, just add a scrunchie to your outfit. Never leave home without a scrunchie around your wrist—you never know when you'll need to throw on a low pony.

Made of 100% 6A mulberry silk fibers, Blissy brand silk protects your hair from frizz and breakage. Unlike regular hair ties and velvet scrunchies, Blissy's scrunchie won't leave a crease your hair or snag your strands. Trade in your old, damaging elastic hair ties for an accessory that looks and feels good.

Let's take a look at some of the best scrunchie hairstyles, from updos to messy buns.

Half Up Half Down Styles

Fun and Fluffy

To achieve this look, pull your hair out of your face and keep your length with a functional half up half down look. This scrunchie hairstyle is perfect for all types of hair—curly, wavy, or straight. The scrunchie will add a unique touch to this classic hairdo.

Section your hair into a top section and bottom section. You can choose to brush the top half all the way back or twist each side then guide them back. Secure the top half pony with your scrunchie up high, fluff your ponytail, and brush out your ends.


Sleek and Pretty

Try a unique twist on this half up style by splitting the top half into two sections and twisting them inward on the back of your head. Secure with a small elastic and flip the ends up and through the 2 twists. Gently loosen the twists to add some texture to the hairstyle. Add your scrunchie, and this look is ready to wear!


Chic Bun Styles

Looking for a chic updo? Try these variations on the classic bun for a clean look to dress up or dress down.

Slightly Messy Bun

For a casual look, start this classic top bun by twisting your hair at the nape of your neck or at the crown until it starts to wrap around itself. Continue to wrap your hair in the same direction as the twist and secure with your scrunchie.

Elegant and Low

For a fuller look, brush your hair back toward the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic, but only pull the length of your hair halfway through. Wrap the ends in opposite directions around the bun to create a crisscross on top. Fasten the ends with the elastic underneath and accessorize with your scrunchie. If you're going out, you may want to use a little hairspray to keep things in place.

Simple Elegant Scrunchie Ponytail

Keep it simple with a timeless and functional high or low ponytail. Or for days when you want to just throw it up and fly out the door, go for the effortless messy bun. The scrunchie gives this simple style a more put-together look. We love to add some pizazz with this oversized scrunchie.


Further reading:

Two Are Better Than One

Why use just one scrunchie when you could use 2 scrunchies? We love a playful pigtail style to add some fun to your look. Divide your hair into 2 equal sections at the top of your head or the nape of your neck and secure with your scrunchies. If you want to go for a retro-chic look, wrap your hair around each pigtail and secure with your scrunchies to create two space buns.

Eye-Catching Twist or French Braid

Go for a statement look by adding some braids and twists. You can braid your hair and the scrunchie looks great at the top or bottom. You can add braids to decorate your simple ponytail or bun and tie it off with your scrunchie. Switch it up from your typical braid and try a French braid, fishtail braid, or twist.

Where To Get the Best Silk Scrunchies

Now that you've seen how easy it is to achieve a cute look that's going to hold—even through a long day—you're going need some scrunchies yourself! Look no further than Blissy. We sell the highest quality silk scrunchies to help you achieve that pretty high ponytail or top knot look. Get them in skinny, regular, or oversized. Plus we sell them in packs of multiple scrunchies.

Don't limit yourself to these styles, there are way more options for hairstyles when it comes to scrunchies. Let your creativity soar with scrunchie hairstyles! 

Cute Scrunchie Hairstyles: On-Trend Tutorials for Everyone

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